September means that Fall is in the air!
Now that the kids are in school, it's time to schedule some YOU time! Whatever you need --- a new fall hair color, or a relaxing facial, manicure/pedicure, or even an airbrush spray tan to keep that summer glow lasting a little longer, we've got you covered!
Be Pampered with Facial Services
This month is a good time to catch up on self care. Amelia will pamper you with any of these services: Osmosis facial, dermaplane and Jelly Mask, lash lift/tint or brow lamination/tint.

You will look and feel amazing! What a great way to kick off your Fall.

Contact us at 717-737-3553 or book online here to get scheduled.
Color Model Needed!
Oligo Color Class!

We are looking for a hair color model for September 28th from 8:30 a.m. until 12 noon. We need someone that has all one-color hair with no previous highlights. This model will receive highlights and then Oligo color will be applied to tone the highlights. Color service is free!

If interested, please call 717-737-3553.
Introducing our Fall FarmHouse Fresh
Spa Mani/Pedis!
Choose from:
~ Black Forest Chocolate-bourbon Escape
~ Boozy Vanilla Chai
EXPERIENCE: This dreamy trip to the dark side begins with a thick butter brulee whole milk soak. Next, you’ll be painted in a warm dark chocolate mask that’s loaded with nourishing vitamins and CoQ10 — a powerful antioxidant. Next, feet and legs are smoothed with a rich gingersnap-pecan brown sugar scrub infused with Kentucky whiskey. A final, Whoopie Cream whipped shea butter massage and you’ll come out of this black forest with a new leash on the day!

BEST ENJOYED: Give in to the temptation!

THE MOOD: Deep, dark relaxation.
EXPERIENCE: Boozy and bubbling! Hands and soles take a deep drink of vitamin E with a vanilla bourbon soak to prep skin for a brown sugar scrub down — infused with intoxicating Kentucky Whiskey. Wrap newly revealed fingers and heels in a delicious, whipped honey glaze to nourish. We add an extra dose of hydration in the form of a spiced organic cardamom & coconut milk massage, gearing soles and hands up for a night out under a full moon!

BEST ENJOYED: In search of spirits & silky softness.

THE MOOD: Another round, please!
Returning Favorites Available at the Salon!
Bourbon Bubbler Body Polish
This intoxicating decadent body scrub is made with brown sugar and real Kentucky whiskey. It's a rich, gingersnap-pecan scented fine body scrub.

Apply in the shower or bath – it scrubs and refines every bit of you, leaving your skin ultra soft, but free of the greasy residues that keep self tanning lotions from sinking in deep. Men and women alike would enjoy this scrub as a gift.
Honey-Chai Steeped Milk Lotion
Newly enriched Honey-Chai Steeped Milk Lotion embodies all the joys of warm fall notes – clove, honey and sultry organic cardamom. This soft, but delicious treat basks dry skin in nourishment and hydration. If you like warm, soft fall notes, Honey-Chai is your perfect choice.

Made from slow-steeped USDA organic cardamom mixed into creamy coconut milk to form a lotion with thicker consistency. It has a velvety smooth feel you will adore, with a delectable scent!
Whoopie Cream Shea Butter
This Shea Butter whip is a jarful of joy! Lightly scented with scrumptious white velvet cream and moist layer cake, it is hard to resist as a start to each morning... or as a sweet farewell to each day.

So deliciously scented and inspired by the famous comfort desserts – Whoopie Pies. This rich moisturizing cream blends Shea butter with Vitamin E and Omega-6 rich U.S. Grown non-GMO Soybean oil to calm even the severest of dry skin, without a hint of a greasy feel. This formulation also includes FarmHouse Fresh grown heirloom organic cucumber extract with soothing antioxidants.
MayPop Steeped Milk Lotion
Maypop Steeped Milk Lotion is a dreamy hydrator. Its delightful, effervescent passion fruit aroma is worth swooning over! This nourishing lotion banishes dry skin with slow-steep U.S. grown passion fruit pulp combined into creamy organic coconut milk. A thicker consistency that has a velvety smooth feel you will adore!
New Products
In Fall Bloom CND Nail Colors are Here!
CND has released its Fall color line "In Fall Bloom" -- check out the video spotlight!

We'll have all these shades of autumn at the Salon:

  • Orchid Canopy
  • Morning Dew
  • Willow Talk
  • Skipping Stones
  • Absolutely Radishing
  • Teal Time
Hair Extensions Hair Products
This specially formulated repair system helps extension clients maintain a seamless, natural look between appointments while helping to maximize the life of extensions by up to two months.

Extension Repair Shampoo: cleanses and repairs while preventing build up and reinforcing fiber strength. Won't loosen bonds or adhesives.

Extension Repair Conditioner: multi-active treatment restores and repairs natural and extension hair. Won't loosen bonds or adhesives.

Ionic Extension Refresh: instantly blends natural and extension hair, eliminates knots and matting, and cuts blow-dry styling time.

Ask your Extension Specialist about this NEW product available at Elle Salon!
We are having a clearance sale on Youngblood makeup. Everything in stock is 40% off while supplies last.

We will no longer be carrying this makeup line.
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