Color Sorters For Sale

Plus Additional Used Fruit & Vegetable Equipment 

Best color sorting system, includes stainless steel vibratory feed shaker and Best type Argus US-model color sorter. Best laser sorter, type Argus US-model, serial number A5039, 40" wide feed, rated for 480V, with external control panel. Includes Best 40" wide X 8' long vibratory feeder with wire mesh screen, approx. 1/16" openings. Also has small under mounted discharge belt conveyor.

Key color sorting system including Key vibratory feed shaker, Key TEGRA color sorter and Key vibratory discharge conveyor. Additional details - Key vibratory shaker, 30" wide X 7' long, includes dimpled channels leading to dewatering area, slotted openings on screen area, mounted on stainless steel frame with s/st under mounted water discharge basin; Key Tegra color sorter, half-wide, Key vibratory shaker screen, 24" wide X 12' long, bias cut, stainless steel, mezzanine mounted, feeds into freeze tunnel. Last used on apple dices.

Additional Fruit and Vegetable Equipment: 

Color Sorter:

C741717 Sorter, Color, Best, Type Argus, Vibratory Feed Shaker,
C741711 Sorter, Color, Key, Tegra, Infeed & Outfeed Key Shakers,
A739875 Sorter, Color, Optyx, Raptor, S/st,
C741046 Sorter, Color, Sizer/Grader, 6 Lanes, Compac, inVision 9000
A739419 Sorter, Color, Sizer/Grader, Autoline, 9 Lanes, Mdl IVB
A740579 Sorter, Grapes, P&L Trieur, Mdl LTT2 2 MOG, S/st, Wine


S740985 Dicer, Eillert, Type BL 1000 VAR, S/st, Stripping-Dicing,
C737795 Dicer, Hallde, Table-top, Mdl RG300, 1 HP,
C736234 Dicer, Slicer, Dixie, Uni-slicer, Mdl SL-450, S/st,
S740911 Dicer, Urschel, Mdl 30, Cutter, 3/4 HP, Slicer, 34 Dia.,
S740910 Dicer, Urschel, Mdl 30, Cutter, 3/4 HP, Slicer, 38 Dia.,
S741006 Dicer, Urschel, Mdl CD, S/st, 5 HP,
S740986 Dicer, Urschel, Mdl CC, S/st, 2 HP,
C741710 Dicer, Urschel, Mdl G-A (4), Washing, Screening, Apples,
S740984 Dicer, Urschel, Mdl G, S/st, 2 HP,
S734867 Dicer, Urschel, Mdl HX-A, S/st,
C740608 Dicer, Urschel, Mdl HS-A, S/st, Slicer,
C740572 Dicer, Urschel, Mdl J, S/st, 5HP, Spare Blades, (2)
C740661 Dicer, Urschel, Mdl OC, Bias Slicer, Accelerator Belt
S739000 Dicer, Urschel, Mdl RA, S/st, 3/8 x 1/4, 5 HP


S741017 Slicer, Brothers, 1/4 slice, Manual, Vegetables,
S740988 Slicer, Eillert, Type G-1500, S/st, Conveyor Fed,
S739628 Slicer, Grote, Mdl S/A2225, S/st, Applicator
C740602 Slicer, Potato Halver, S/st, Slicing Wheel, 10' Long,


C740606 Peeler, Magnuson, Mdl HK Washer, 20 X 9.5', 7.5 HP,
S581151 Peeler, Magnuson, Mdl HC, Magnuscrubber,
S740994 Peeler, Ron Bichel, S/st, Abrasive, 28 x 70, Screw,
A740688 Peeler, Scrubber, Lyco, (9) Rollers, Hydraulic, 15 HP


C736557 Conveyor, Vibratory, 30 X 64, S/st, Allen Fruit Co,
S740959 Conveyor, Vibratory, 30 X 72, S/st, Commercial,
C740609 Conveyor, Vibratory, 24 x 10', S/st, Meyer, 1.5 HP,
S228710 Conveyor, Vibratory, 18 X 26', Carrier, S/st, 15 HP,

Vibratory Feeder:

S738698 Feeder, Vibratory, 24 X 8', S/st, Meyer, (2) 0.47 HP
C740610 Feeder, Vibratory, 24 x 10', S/st, Meyer, 1.5 HP,
S738083 Feeder, Vibratory, Weigh, FMC, S/st, Scales, Unused,(2)

Pulper / Finisher:

A741005 Pulper, Finisher, Brown, Mdl 3600, S/st,
S741470 Pulper, Finisher, FMC, Mdl 100, Parts,
S741193 Pulper, Finisher, FMC, Mdl 54, S/st, 15 HP,
S741469 Pulper, Finisher, FMC, Mdl 50, Parts,
S740919 Pulper, Finisher, FMC, Mdl 50, S/st, 7.5 HP,
S738909 Pulper, Finisher, Langsenkamp, Mdl 185, S/st, 1 HP, Paddle

Rotary Screen: 

C741715 Screen, Rotary, 36 x 60, S/st, Key, Cornell Pump,
C741714 Screen, Rotary, 16 x 26, S/st, Cornell Pump, Enclosure,


C741712 Blancher, Belt, 5' x 25', S/st, Abco, Triple Pass,

Metal Detector:

C741718 Detector, Metal, 32 X 5, Cintex, S/st, Belt Conveyor,
A739941 Detector, Metal, 38 x 6.5, Fortress, S/st, Belt Conveyor

Water Removal System: 

C741727 Water Removal System, Reyco, SuperVac, 5 HP, 12/10


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