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Farrow & Ball Color Talk .... See Below
See our products in public places?  

Each month we will be featuring a public application of our products so you can have a chance to see them in person.

This month's feature is an interior application of FirmoLux Italian Lime Plaster - Piatto Marmorino on the walls One color, Commercial 

40LBS Coffee Bar
824 SW 2nd Ave., Portland, OR 97204
High-end farm-to-table spot with an open kitchen serving elevated New American tasting menus.

Applied by: Soul 971-713-8207

Product available at Brush & Trowel

L et us know if you would like a FirmoLux plaster sample kit of the finishes shown below.


Classes for 2017

We have our classes scheduled for the year!  Check out the dates below.  In our SkimStone class you will learn concrete veneers for countertops, floors and walls. In our Plaster classes offered in spring and fall, you will learn Italian Lime Plasters for walls (interior & exterior), fire places and showers. And finally we will be teaching ' Decorative Finishes' this summer.  In this class you will learn a range of finishes from simple elegance to exciting bling for everything from an accent wall to an entire home.  

   May 6, 2017
   August 12, 2017
   November 4, 2017

    April 28 - 29, 2017
    October 6 - 7, 2017

    June 28 - 29, 2017
Farrow & Ball 

Color Talk
Thursday, May 18th 4PM - 6PM

Farrow & Ball Color Talks are both inspirational and informative! Gaybrielle Greene, the West Coast Farrow & Ball Architectural & Designer Representative will be our guest speaker and we would love for you to join us! She will include  F&B history, psychological and physiological effects of color, how to choose a balanced color scheme, how to highlight/disguise architectural elements, incorporation of pattern through wallpaper, and various approaches for choosing a color scheme. You  will walk away with a better understanding of F&B, as well as new found confidence in choosing a color palette. 

Please let us know if you are joining us, as space is limited.

New Stuff -
We have some new trowels!

Brush & Trowel features has two new trowel....These are perfect for the shower

Inox Stainless Blade  7.9" x 3.2" 
Radius Edges. Square Corners

Inox Stainless Blade 7.9" x 3.2" 

Radius Edges. Rounded Corners

Having the right tool to do the job is very important. These trowels afford you the perfect medium to light flexibilty for finishing and burnishing plaster. 

These are specifically used on the Tradilakt Shower installs.

DemoDay -
First Wednesday Every Month

Brush & Trowel features two-hour demonstrations on the FIRST Wednesday of each month from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. Come make a sample for $10 or watch for FREE! Just show up. We usually plan for 6 to 8 people. We like to have a little beer and wine and share application techniques. Product knowledge is the focus.

April 5, 2017. Creating a gold texture and adding irregular glass bead stripes. Shaun Burke of Bravura Finishes will be instructing.


Featured Applicator
Shaun & Karen Burke are Bravura Finishes. Our company was established in 1989 in Portland, Oregon and are committed to providing superior decorative finishes and exceptional customer service.

Shaun began his career in the early 80's in London. His work took him to many upscale neighborhoods in; Knightsbridge, Surrey & Central London to name a few. His early training in the trades gave him an extraordinary foundation to produce the high-quality and variety of finishes he achieves today. He continues to educate himself with many of the best decorative painters in the country. In addition, being members of IDAL (International Decorative Artisans League) keeps him current on the latest trends, materials and sought-after effects.

Karen grew up surrounded by creativity and business. Her first job was stuffing envelopes for art openings at her father's art gallery at age 5. The exposure to the arts and continuous involvement in the family business shaped her career. She earned her degree in graphic design at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, Ca. Today, Karen maintains her graphic design business while playing a vital business role in Bravura Finishes. About six years ago she began designing and handcrafting handbags. After her work was featured in Victoria Magazine & Country Living, there's no time to look back. "I wear many hats and make many bags". Don't forget to visit our Shop! There's also etsy!

Application: 3 Color FauxEffects LusterStone on Fireplace. 
Products We Stock at Brush & Trowel

Lime Plasters - 
Firmolux is our wet plaster 
EcoStucco is our dry plaster


Concrete Veneer 
SkimStone - for countertops, floors and walls

Decorative Finishes


We also have a variety of trowels, hawks, brushes for paint, glaze and wood graining and other tools!

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