Colorado Builder Bulletin
March 2017 - In This Issue:

Welcome to the first installment of Colorado Builder Bulletin! The Colorado Builder Bulletin is a monthly email newsletter that will be delivered to our members at the end of each month with the goal of providing useful and relevant information surrounding CAHB. The Colorado Association of Home Builders is focusing on increasing engagement with our members statewide, and aim to do so with this newsletter. Thank you for your membership, and we look forward to advancing our communications in 2017! 

Update: Construction Defects Litigation Reform

As many of our members are aware, the development of affordable housing, particularly in attached housing in the form of condos, has been challenged as a result of the construction defects litigation environment. Condos offer the ability for first time homeownership and for downsizing, and are a crucial part of maintaining a healthy economy. Condominium homes are an important segment in the total new housing mix, and over the past several years, have dropped from what should be 20% of new homes down to 2%. Of this 2% total, condos are primarily priced very high.
Legislation must address measures that will have an impact on developers and builders risk assessment and insurance costs in order to encourage construction of more condos and affordable housing across the state.
CAHB has been an active participant in the Home Ownership Opportunity Alliance (HOA) coalition for the past four years.  The coalition includes a broad based group that is concerned about housing issues and the economy.
During the 2017 legislative session, there have been six bills introduced so far that are intended to address this problem. The primary bill that the Colorado Association of Home Builders supports is Senate Bill 156, the HOA bill. The aim of this bill is to maintain builder's rights to litigate construction defects in binding arbitration. It would also require a notice to all the homeowners and a majority vote approval to proceed on a construction defects lawsuit. Senate Bill 156 has passed through the Senate and has been scheduled for a hearing in the House of State Affairs on April 19th, 2017.  This is the "kill" committee and the prospects for approval are dim. In the meantime, the GAC is working through the lobbyists and staff and are staying very engaged with the other bills that have been presented during this session.
For more information, please visit the website of the Home Ownership Opportunity Alliance at This is an excellent resource to stay current on what is happening with this bill, as well as to stay up to date with other important topics for this coalition. 


The agricultural industry, recreation industry, and communities across the state rely on sustainable water supplies to survive and thrive. Water resources are historically a scarce commodity in Colorado, and as the state grows the competition for water increases. The 2015 Colorado Water Plan identified gaps in supply and demand, and one of the key elements of this plan is that of water conservation, both in existing homes and in future development. CAHB is working through the Water Committee to examine and encourage voluntary conservation programs to avoid the inevitable future implementation of mandatory conservation measures.
We are tracking proposed legislation requiring water conservation measures in the development approval process although most providers are already imposing conservation efforts.  We are collaborating with interest groups regarding incentives for conservation in tap fees and other potential voluntary water conservation measures.

2017 Board of Directors

The first Board of Directors (BOD) meeting was held on January 26th, 2017 at the Warwick Hotel in Denver, Colorado.  The 2017 Chairman of the Board, Bruce Rau provided his vision to enhance CAHB's effectiveness through broader member engagement.  Also installed were the 2017 Board of Directors, the Government Affairs Committee, and the Political Funding Committee.  The 2017 Legislative Agenda, adopted in late 2016, was reviewed. Construction Defects Litigation Reform, Water Issues, Oil & Gas setbacks, and District Financing are all important issues that CAHB is engaged in. The next BOD meeting is scheduled for Friday, May 19th in Denver, Colorado.
To learn more about the 2017 Board of Directors membership, as well as to find other important information, visit the newly revamped Colorado Association of Home Builders website at It is easy to register as a member on our website, which will allow you to stay up-to-date with your state association, and on top of what is taking place at the state legislature.