February 2018
Colorado High School Charter
In this issue:
  • Clark's Remarks
  • March Graduation
  • Girls Soccer
  • GES Teachers Interviewed on CPR
  • GES Students Have Guts!
  • Students Lead Walkout to Protest Gun Violence
  • Colorado Mammoth Game to Support our Athletics Program
  • Senior Interview Volunteers Needed
  • Upcoming events
Clark's Remarks
I am excited and proud to announce our Osage Campus recently moved to “All-gender restrooms.” This is both a student and staff led initiative to change our individual gender-binary (male-female only) restrooms to become all-gender inclusive. What does this mean? Every student restroom is individual and ADA compliant and they will be accessible to all students. Our restroom signs are in English, Spanish and Braille and any student regardless of identity or expression is welcome to use them. Our goal is for our schools to be as open, inviting and inclusive for all of the young people and families we serve and I believe this is an important step forward towards our goal. I honor and celebrate all of those who were involved in bringing this initiative to fruition.        
~Clark Callahan, Executive Director
March Graduation
Eleven of our Osage students graduated on March 23. Blane Johnson was Valedictorian and Elianett Mendoza-Rodriguez was Salutatorian. Alfredo Aguilar was the recipient of the Cyndi Bush-Luna Award recognizing his grit and perseverance. Zamiko Jacobus was the Student Speaker. Our Keynote Speaker was Rosemary Rodriguez, former City Councilwoman, President of the US Election Assistance Commission and Denver Board of Education member, and founder of the civic engagement project, "Together We Count." Many roud family, friends, teachers, staff and Board members were in attendance.

Congratulations to these graduates, and new alumni, of Colorado High School!

Girls Soccer

Colorado Highs School has launched its first soccer team! The team is coached by Jeff Hager. Some of the girls have not played soccer before and we are very proud of their willingness to try something new!

Follow the team's progress on our website and come out and support our Lions!
GES Teachers Interviewed on Colorado Public Radio
GES teachers, Shawn St. Sauveur and Michael Green, were featured on Colorado Public Radio's Colorado Matters on a show discussing what their students are learning about Microbes and Bacteria. See the next article for more information on the project. To hear the interview, click here .
GES Students Have Guts!

In Mr. Green’s science class, students have been learning about symbiotic relationships, body physiology, and respiration through the study of their own relationship with the trillions of bacteria we play host to. Students learned about prebiotics (eat your veggies!) and probiotics (kombucha, krauts, kefir, and more) that are claimed to help support our gut microbiomes. They took a gut bacteria sample before and after ingesting probiotics for a 30 day period. The results came in for the baseline test and varied greatly from student to student and staff members that participated. Students are still waiting to see what their final results will say about the effect eating probiotics had on their own gut bacteria. A huge thanks to the team at uBiome for the constant support throughout this project, for donating the kits and for running the samples that made this experiment possible.
Students Lead Participation in National School Walkout to End School Violence

Students on both campuses led our students' participation in the National School Walkout on March 14. Students gathered outside and shared with their peers how gun violence has impacted their lives. The protest was peaceful and respectful. Students shared their thoughts and feelings in stories and raps. Student leaders led moments of silence for the victims at Parkland and all victims of gun violence. Their stories were quite impactful. Videos are on the Osage website .
Support Our Growing Athletics Program!

Our Athletic Program is growing! This school year we have added Girls Basketball and Girls Soccer, and Boys Basketball continues to have great participation. We are in need of balls, team uniforms and practice equipment. Help us while enjoying a Colorado Mammoth Lacrosse game. For every ticket sold to the April 28th game, we will receive $6 toward our athletic programs. Go to www.Mammothtix.com/CHSC18 to order tickets. More information.
Volunteers Needed for Senior Interview

Graduating Seniors must complete an interview as part of their graduation requirements. The interviews will be held on May 8 from 3-4pm at the Osage campus. A list of questions will be provided. If you are available to help, contact the Osage School Counselor, Sarah Sanniola.
Upcoming Events
  • April 26 Family Night, Osage Campus
  • April 28 Prom, both campuses
  • April 28 Mammoth Lacrosse Fundraiser for athletics
  • May 3 Family Night, GES Campus
  • May 8 Senior Interviews
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