February 2018
Colorado High School Charter
In this issue:
  • Clark's Remarks
  • Osage Students Design Denver Billboards
  • GES Students Participate in Natural Highs Program
  • Girls Basketball Team Wins League Championship
  • Osage and GES Campuses Host Joint Health & Wellness Fair
  • "Amazon Smiles" Program - Donate while you shop!
  • Upcoming events
Clark's Remarks
My heart and soul ache for the young people and educators that lost their lives in Florida and in other school shootings around the country.  We must also remember the hundreds of young people in Chicago and in other urban areas around the country that die from gun violence every day.  The problem of gun violence crosses racial and socioeconomic lines and is a problem that needs our best minds and most passionate energy.

As an organization we will continue to examine our emergency protocol and school culture and climate so that we can ensure that we have the safest and most inclusive environments as possible.  Our leadership team recently attended an active shooter training, the GES campus will have a DPS led emergency preparedness training this week, and we have provided spaces for students to talk about gun violence and this most recent tragedy. We have made a half dozen different changes and upgrades to our emergency protocol in the past couple of weeks and will continue to do all we can to make our schools as safe as possible.  It is also an important time to say thank you to our staff that chooses to do this work every day.  I often say, “We don’t hire people who couldn’t work other places” because it’s true.  We hire people who choose to do the most important school safety work every day by greeting students by name, shaking their hands, facilitating mediations between students and staff, and tending to the academic and social/emotional needs of our students.  This is hard work that makes young people's lives better and our school and community better and safer places to be.  Thank you for choosing to do this work for our young people and community! 
~Clark Callahan, Executive Director
CHSC Osage Students Design Denver Billboards
Colorado HS students Leroy Bella, Laura Carillo, Gabe Winegarner and Albany Reynolds were selected to design the billboards for the City of Denver's "Healing As One" initiative. " Healing As One " is a project led by the Denver Mayor's Office and features billboards around the city spreading the message of a unified city and community. The students designed the billboards as part of their concurrent enrollment classes at Arts Street. See their work and learn more about the project here .
Senior Laura Carrillo was interviewed by CBS Denver News. Leroy Bella and Gabe Winegarner were interviewed by Fox 31 News. The Denver Post also reported on the project. Watch the interviews and see photos of the billboards here .

Congratulations to our students for this amazing contribution to our city!
GES Students Participate in Natural Highs Program

This block GES students are participating in the Natural Highs Program , facilitated by our Wellness Coordinator, Mr. Shawn St. Sauveur. Natural Highs is an interactive strengths-based substance abuse prevention/intervention peer mentor program that is co-created by teens to empower teens and their communities around healthy lifestyle choices and creating a positive peer culture. Natural Highs provides healthy alternatives to drugs and alcohol. The larger vision for this program is to create a positive peer culture around healthy lifestyle choices for teens and adults.
Girls Basketball Team Wins League Championship!
Colorado High School's first ever girls basketball team took 1st place in the All City Urban League! Congratulations to the players and coaches!
Osage and GES Campuses Host Joint Health & Wellness Fair for our Families

Our first annual GES and Osage Campus Health & Wellness Fair was a success! Families were able to access information and resources from over 20 organizations including Medicaid enrollment, healthy eating and nutrition, dental and vision resources, first aid, mental health, the YMCA, and even Zumba classes! Students from GES made smoothies for those at the event and we were able to give away items to students and their families that were donated by the Colorado Rockies, Denver Broncos, and University of Colorado Denver. We are excited about the partnerships that we made with health and wellness resources in our community and look forward to making this an annual event. More photos.
Joshua Trinidad Awarded Excellence in Education Award

Osage Campus' Foundations of Success Teacher, Joshua Trinidad, has been awarded the Excellence in Education - Diversity Research Award by the Colorado State University School of Education. The award letter reads, in part: "You have been awarded The School Of Education Ph.D Graduate Fellowship for Research on Diversity! Your proposal on Youth empowerment, cultural wealth, music and the transition into higher education was well developed and promises to contribute critical knowledge to the field of education and Colorado High School." Mr. Trinidad has plans to develop and re-imagine his work with students to help them understand their cultural wealth. Congratulations, Mr. Trinidad!
"Amazon Smiles" Program - Donate while you shop!

Amazon will donate .5% of your purchases to Colorado High School as part of their Amazon Smiles program. It's an easy way to support us while shopping - those Amazon purchases add up quickly! To select us as your charity and start shopping, go to our Support Us page.
Upcoming Events
  • March 8 Family Night
  • March 8 FAFSA Night
  • March 26-30 Spring Break
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