December 2017
Colorado High School Charter
In this issue:
  • Clark's Remarks
  • Project Showcase
  • Students Accepted into La Raza
  • GES Students Visit Earthships in New Mexico
  • GES has a New Logo and Mascot
  • Capital Campaign
  • Upcoming events
Clark's Remarks
It’s that time of year when we often look back on the year that’s coming to a close, and ahead to the next year. As we look back on 2017, we are proud of our accomplishments – the renovations at Osage, the new charter for our GES campus, earning a “green” status two years in a row, student trips to Houston to help hurricane victims and to New Mexico to stay in and work on an earthship, more students than ever in concurrent enrollment and adding amazing staff members to our growing Colorado High School team.
As we look ahead to 2018, we look forward to securing a permanent home for our GES campus and to outfitting that campus with the help of the CCSP grant (see below), and to increasing the number of students that we serve as they prepare for their boundless opportunities.  We appreciate all of you who believe in this work and wish you all Happy Holidays and a wonderful 2018.
~Clark Callahan, Executive Director
Project Showcase
At the end of each block, our students present their class projects to staff, families, community members and each other. This week students at Osage presented projects featuring chess strategies and other problem solving games, Black Lives Matter documentaries, a sound stage to study the properties of waves and wave motion, public speaking, and a cookie company called “Dem Cookies.”  GES students designed and made healthy smoothies, explaining the health benefits of each ingredient.  They wrote and read short stories and poems, built solar ovens and solar usb chargers, constructed visual designs of the leadership styles of influential leaders, and built elaborate tables in career and technical education class. The teachers and staff were very impressed with the work that was done and the quality of the presentations and already look forward to Project Showcase at the end of block four! 
Students Accepted into La Raza

A Lion shout-out to Osage students, Hugo Torres-Portillo and Carlos Martinez!  Both were accepted into the La Raza Youth Leadership Institute. 150 students applied and only 35 were accepted.  La Raza Youth Leadership Program provides Chicanx/Latinx high school student the opportunity to realize their educational and leadership potential by participating in an intensive leadership program and workshops on topics such as DACA, human rights issues, applying to college and various social justice topics. Congratulations to Hugo and Carlos! 
GES Students Visit Earthships in New Mexico
Science teacher Michael Green took several students to Taos, New Mexico to visit Earthship Biotecture.  Earthship Biotecture has 75 earthships which are 100% self-sustaining homes built out of recycled tires, earth and recycled trash.  Each home uses solar and wind energy and gray water to water their greenhouses. They stayed in one of the sustainable homes and helped to build the foundation of a new sustainable home while learning about the environment, alternative energy and construction.
GES has a New Logo and Mascot
GES staff and students are now proud Panthers!  The logo was voted on by students and staff.  Osage campus will retain the lion mascot.  The CHSC network will now use the original logo designed by our founder, Cyndi Bush-Luna.  This logo, with a flame at its center, reflects our mission to “…ignite the potential within each of the diverse young people we serve.”
Capital Campaign

In the past three years Colorado High School has purchased all of the space used for the Osage campus, renovated the Osage campus and purchased a building for the GES campus.  We are currently evaluating how best to use the GES building in the coming year – whether to renovate it or replace it.  We’ve used a combination of grants, savings and bank loans to accomplish all of this.  We now ask your help to retire the debt and fund what’s needed for the GES campus.  Your help as part of our Capital Campaign will allow us to use more of our funds to serve our students in the coming years. Thank you! DONATE
Upcoming Events

  • Both campuses reopen after holiday break on January 8
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