2020-2021 Colorado Parents' Club
Executive Board and Committee Chairs
We are so glad so many of you joined our Spring General Membership Meeting yesterday! While we always appreciate being together in person, this new format did allow more of our geographically separated membership an opportunity to attend which was awesome! We couldn't read any of the chat comments while sharing our screen, but it was so much fun to read them after the meeting...loved all of the conversation!

In addition to providing an update on all club activities this past year, we are excited to announce the newly elected Executive Board for the upcoming year. The new board will officially take office on 1 June 2020, but will begin a transition period with the outgoing board members immediately.

2020-2021 Colorado Parents' Club Executive Board

Co-Presidents | Paul and Kathy Puseman ('22)
Co-Vice Presidents | Steve and Joy Johnson ('21, '23)
Co-Secretaries | Mark and Christina Coffey ('23)
Co-Treasurers | Derek and Lisa de Bastos ('22)
Event Coordinator | VACANT
Fundraising Chair | Jane Morgan ('21)

We also filled many of our appointed positions, but are always looking for co-chairs to ensure we have continuity over the years. Please reach out if there's a position you'd like to co-chair or fill.

2020-2021 Standing and Ad Hoc Committee Chairs

Colorado All Service Academy Ball (USAFA points of contact) -
Marne Trujillo ('22), Kathy Puseman ('22), Sonya Holley ('21)
Webmaster - VACANT
Photographer/Videographer - Russ Bone ('23) and Tom Nieman ('23)
Tailgate Chair - Steve Clancy ('21)
Goodie Bag Co-Chairs - Stacy Prater ('23) and Nico Mason ('22)
New Appointee Luncheon - Colleen and Gary Foster ('21, '23)
I-day Co-Chairs - Carrie Clancy ('21) and Kathy Puseman ('22)
A-day Lunch - Mako Kam ('22, '24)
Parents' Weekend - Lila Watts ('19) and Mike/Jessica Anderson ('23)
Colorado Night - VACANT
End of Year Celebration - Denise and Dan Bruder ('21)

Congratulations to all newly elected/appointed members! The future of CPC continues to look very bright!

Steve and Carrie Clancy
Co-Presidents, Colorado Parents' Club


CO-PRESIDENTS | Steve and Carrie Clancy ('21)
CO-VICE-PRESIDENTS |Paul and Kathy Puseman ('22)
CO-SECRETARIES| Mark and Christina Coffey ('23)
CO-TREASURERS | Derek and Lisa de Bastos ('22)
CO-EVENT COORDINATORS | Jim and Nathalie Flannery ('21)