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Photos from High Park and Waldo Canyon acupuncture treatments 

which were part of fire relief efforts - acupuncture treatment clinics 

occurred for several weeks after the fires


From Debi Epstein (L.Ac.), acupuncture volunteer: 

"I have watched the faces of my patients go from tight, sad, tense to relaxed within moments of the needles being put in.  These same people have returned to thank me for helping them make it through that day or that they were finally able to get a decent night's sleep."


"Every day the other volunteers in the room have come to us and thanked us for being there.  A lot of them have had treatments themselves and pass the word on for us about how great the acupuncture is to have at the Disaster Relief Center."


"We are grateful to be a part of the Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) at Colorado State University in the Johnson Hall.  People that have been affected by the fire use this center for various resources, such as immunizations through the health department, mental health, Red Cross, Salvation Army, Larimer County, 211, CSU and SBDC.  We have been able to treat many people that have been directly affected by the High Park Fire, along with the hard working volunteers that are working many hours at the DRC.  The response has been positive from the patients, as well as the staff and volunteers here at the center and our presence has been highly supported. "



Hundreds were treated by volunteers in the High Park and 

Waldo Canyon fires in Colorado.


A few testimonials from clients:


"Feel very calm and rested, more positive and at ease, after all the anxiety and heartbreak from the Waldo Canyon Fire - the heroism and positive community response is wonderful."


"More relaxed, less jumpy, slightly sleepy and feeling a deep sense of calm.

Within just 15 mins, entire body, mind switched to being calm and relaxed state. Thank you!"


"I am a higher anxiety individual (higher during this fire) and am also apparently PTSD-family abuse.  I did feel more centered and calm-like a gentle wash over and through me and I often forget to breathe, but breathe I did!  It just filled me without thinking about it.  Thank you!"



  Please note: 


AWB - supported community acupuncture treatments are currently occurring in Aurora - an update will be sent in the future. Many thanks to all volunteers and donors who have made this trauma healing work possible.




Photo of treatment in Aurora at It Takes A Village




In the Spirit of Service,

AWB Staff and Board

Acupuncturists Without Borders