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Sept. 29, 2010
The weekday Colorado news roundup is a collection of links to news reports from around the state on issues of interest to the Colorado Center on Law and Policy. Listing does not imply endorsement of the content.

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Amendment 63 would move Colorado backward, Post editorial says
The Denver Post: State colleges to say how they'll address student affordability
The state's higher education institutions are expected to submit plans by Friday showing how they will continue providing access to low- and middle-income students even as tuition climbs.
Also: Pueblo Chieftain: Colleges to unveil latest tuition hikes

Health care
Denver Post editorial: No on 63: Amendment obstructs health reform
The measure could limit Colorado's ability to implement health care reform while allowing costs to continue rising.

Craig Daily Press: Hospital board updated on potential impacts of health care reform
First, (The Memorial Hospital) may face an influx of newly insured patients and a shortage of providers to deal with that increase. Second, beginning in 2013, the hospital will begin dealing with "value-based purchasing issues." That means a certain percentage of insurance payments to hospitals will be withheld until the hospital can prove there were positive outcomes for those procedures. Third, Medicare is reaching insolvency.

Associated Press via Greeley Tribune: Colo. medical groups sue over anesthesia change
Doctors are trying to stop a new state policy allowing advanced-practice nurses to administer anesthesia without a doctor's supervision.

Fiscal policy
Colorado Springs Gazette editorial: Say 'no' to 60, 61 & 101
The problem with 60, 61 and 101 is the fact they go beyond traditional measures to keep government in check. A web site of charts and data promoting the measures,, puts to rest any idea these are simple one-sentence ideas. The ballot wording is simple enough, but the wide-ranging consequences might be dire for state and local governments.

Aurora Sentinel: Dips in revenue leaving many local trafficways in worst condition in years
Cracks, potholes and shoddy pavement are trademarks of many roads across the state, and studies show they've never been in worse condition than they are now.

Greeley Tribune editorial: More Weld kids are living in poverty
Weld County is getting poorer. U.S. Census figures released this week show that the overall number of people in Weld County living in poverty increased to 16.3 percent in 2009, up from 12.5 percent in 2000.
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