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Aug. 19, 2011

The weekday Colorado news roundup is a collection of links to news reports from around the state on issues of interest to the Colorado Center on Law and Policy. Listing does not imply endorsement of the content.

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Broken school funding system at heart of Lobato case, columnist says


Fiscal policy
Denver Post commentary: Lobato case is crucial to education
Colorado's school funding system simply does not work. The latest recession has added enormous strain to an already long struggle. Annual decisions for school funding become political tussles among competing interests. State budget deliberations continually ignore the constitutional requirement that Colorado provide a thorough and uniform education for all students. The funding system drifts, completely unmoored from our state's core tenets. That's what Lobato vs. State of Colorado, filed by parents and school districts in 2005 and now being tried in a Denver courtroom, is about.

Denver Post editorial: Second stimulus isn't in the cards
While President Obama? is right to embrace spending cuts and revenue increases, he should abandon any more stimulus talk.

Pueblo Chieftain: Rural schools imperiled by funding cut
(Congress in 2008) reauthorized the Secure Rural Schools Act and Communities Self-Determination Act, which in the last three years has sent more than $14 million into the San Luis Valley for school districts, county government and forest projects. But the act is set to expire at the end of 2011, leaving small school districts that have also seen a cut in their state funding wondering how they'll make ends meet.

Associated Press via Colorado Springs Business Journal: Colo. gets $15.3 million in federal transportation funds
U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood says the grants announced Wednesday will create jobs and strengthen the state economy.

Vail Daily via Steamboat Today: Money needed to secure flights in Vail
The Eagle Air Alliance wants a $30,000 pledge from the town of Vail in order to secure flight programs at the airport next year, but some Vail Town Council members want more proof in the numbers that the return on investment would be worth it.

Jobs and economic security
The Denver Post: Denver-Boulder area's consumer inflation posts largest year-over-year rise since '08
Prices increased 3.8 percent in the Denver-Boulder metro area from the first half of 2010 to the first half of this year, propelled by the high cost of motor fuel.

Pueblo Chieftain: Udall pressed on jobs, recovery
How to get Americans working again isn't just a debate for politicians. Audience members at the town hall meeting had their own ideas.  

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