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March 4, 2011

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Private school tax credit bill  

passes House committee 

Fiscal policy
Education News Colorado: Tax credit bill finally advances
After being delayed twice so amendments could be prepared, the private school tax credit bill passed from the House Finance Committee Thursday to an uncertain future.
Also: The Denver Post: House panel OKs bill creating subsidy for private-school tuition

Denver Business Journal: Colorado House passes budget-balancing measures
Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler will get to keep $4 million in business fees this year, while the state's tourism marketing budget and a fund for bioscience grants will both have to give up a little bit to balance this year's budget, the House of Representatives determined Thursday.

Family economic security
Colorado Springs Gazette: Colorado Springs ranks 15th in credit card debt
Residents of the combined Colorado Springs and Pueblo areas are paying off their credit card balances more slowly than the rest of the country and had the 15th highest average balance at the end of last year, according to a study by credit reporting giant Experian.

Health care
Aurora Sentinel: Aurora school-based clinic mixes care, convenience
Since it opened almost four months ago, the Laredo clinic has treated more than 130 students from across the district, offering low-cost services for uninsured families. The copay for a visit can run as low as $2, officials said. The dental care available through a mobile clinic can average around $10. The health center also offers services on a sliding scale.
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