I published an important new op-ed that I want to make sure you saw.

While colorectal cancer rates are dramatically dropping in persons over age 60 in many industrial countries, increases in the rates of rectal cancer in young adults under age 24 have skyrocketed in the past decade in several countries. Increased screening is believed to explain much of the welcome decline in the elderly but why is this very rare cancer becoming more prevalent in young adults?  

I discuss our recently published scientific article proposing that the four-fold increase in rectal cancer over the last decade in American adults in their 20s ​(the first generation to have grown up with cell phones, laptops, videogames, and other devices clutched close to the body) could be from chronic exposure to cell phone radiation.

Excerpts from my Op-Ed: 

"Colorectal cancer cells are exquisitely sensitive to RF​ and research has found that the effect of exposure to non-ionizing mobile phone radiation can lead to impacts on treated colon tissues of rats similar to effects from ionizing 3Gy gamma radiation." 

"A number of scientific studies in animals and humans (show) that microwave radiation damages both male and female reproduction."

"Imaging studies ... clearly show that both the male and female reproductive systems and the rectum can receive quite high levels of microwave radiation whenever a cell phone is on and in the pocket or if a laptop is placed directly on the lap. Even when not being used for calls, smartphone antennas send an electronic 'handshake' to the tower up to 900 times a minute, asking, 'Where are you? Here I am.' Cell phones are transmitting all the time, whether you are talking on them or not." 

"Those handshakes keep us all connected, but they also send pulsed microwave radiation into the scrotum, ovaries, and rectum — precisely the parts of the body in which these growing health problems are occurring."

"Major policy changes are needed. As we document in our lawsuit against the FCC, the current 1996 safety limits for cell phones, Wi-Fi, and cell tower networks are non-protective and must be updated to reflect the latest science showing that even seemingly 'low levels' can cause serious harm. Radiation test systems must reflect the way we use cell phones and wireless devices today, touching the body." 

The use of cell phone and wireless devices has changed in scope and intensity over the past 25 years, and the research clearly indicates that people are being harmed today by unfettered wireless deployment. Yet the FCC refuses to revise its wireless radiation safety standards, claiming that regulations from 1996 — when we were still in 1G and 2G and barely anyone had a cell phone — are adequate to protect people and the environment. FCC limits are not protective.

Cell phone radiation causes cancer in humans and our youth now unknowingly expose their bodies to this day and night. I urge you to read more in my latest op-ed about this new health issue facing young adults.

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