Greetings friends, Happy Fall to you all. 

I just counted the days we have been grounded from touring and it's been 229. Wow...I miss you, my listening friends. We miss traveling to play music for the fine folks that come out to spend time with us. The mixed blessings continue with all the unexpected time at home, feeling grateful for so much, all entwined with worries for the less fortunate in our world.  
It's been a productive time at home, creative projects, and caring for the land. We are finally climbing aboard the online platforms and creating more video workshops, live virtual teaching, and performances for special online groups and festivals.  

Aryeh and I are teaching some live classes this weekend for the Dusty Strings virtual symposium (info below). Besides that, we are being encouraged to join the bandwagon of local farms and artists offering unique experiences that are outdoors and safe for your small groups to visit. Until our normal indoor house concert series can resume, or our barn theater comes to be, we could offer outdoor mini-concerts, instrument demonstrations, and hands-on-harps interactive learning experiences among the beautiful hills and trees on our land for small groups or family pods. All by reservation and donation.  

This would be in conjunction with our friends "Happy Hour Goat Experience" who get lots of visitors who want to do safe activities, the several barn stores including mine, the brand new art center, new wine and cheese store, gourmet brewery, cafes, and wineries nearby all retooled to meet the times. We have a river nearby, hiking trails, and the breathtaking Alsea Falls. We will create a brochure with a tour map and lots of options to come and visit for a unique and safe experience. (more info below on my "Goddess Wear Recycled" and those cute little goats). 
My barn store has reopened for the first time since March, and our outdoor home concerts and presentations are available by appointment at least until the cold weather sets in. I am sure we will resume the offering in Spring as well, even if we are free to tour again. If you are interested, or want to know more, or wish to plan a time to visit, send me an email.

The days have been as busy as ever with always much to do. The time flies by as it always has. Aside from computer biz stuff that never ends, I have been doing mosaics and cooking and other crafts. I filmed and edited a series of videos from the ArtsCare musicians I work with at Good Samaritan Hospital so we can be there on screens providing music made especially for patients and staff. We all want to be there in person again soon. I miss that so much too. 

So loveliness is still...all around us. Art is always waiting to be made. Cookies in the cupboard.
We are lucky to have each other along with all our loved ones, our silly shows to watch, and our pets or people to make us smile every day. When times feel rough I try to take a broader view of history. I think about all that our predecessors endured. People in my generation in our country have lived in a pretty sweet and unusually peaceful place in time so we only need to look back a generation or two and look around the globe to realize how much strength we humans are capable of. 

We know what we need to do and we will get through this time, and when we get to the other end, we will appreciate each other and the joys of being together in three dimensions, going to concerts and parties and we will appreciate a big ol' hug more than ever before.  

Please take good care. I love when I get to hear back from you. When I type these out it feels so one sided, especially when I don't have a concert schedule to offer. But I'm always hoping to stay connected and I'm glad you enjoy the newsletters. I wish I could know how it is for you. I would love to hear how you are, or what your life is like, or how you have adapted, how you see things. What is new for you in this shared strange experience.

I'm so glad that we are at least connected by the music and always will be. 
Thank goodness for music. 


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Dusty Strings Folk Harp Symposium Goes Online 

Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter
Teaching workshops both live and  
pre-recorded videos.
OCT 24 - Live / Aryeh - Swedish 101
10:00am to 12pm -  info here 
OCT 24 - Live / Lisa -  
Promotion and marketing  
Q&A for all musicians.
3:30 to 5pm Registration includes  
.pdf file of my book. Info  
Pre-recorded workshops that are  
available throughout October. 
Aryeh - Arranging Traditional
music on the harp (pre-recorded)   info here    
Lisa - pre-recorded workshop
Playing with others 
Play along with me in all different 
groups with video clips  
and chords on the screen.  
Info here. 
Check out all the wonderful workshops and events at Virtual Dusty Strings Symposium throughout October, you can pick and choose from the menu what you want to take, or join a harp circle or just hear some beautiful music. View more teachers workshops  here.  
For more info on other video workshops by myself and Aryeh, set up virtual private lessons or classes email me and I'll send you a more info on various topics and options.   
Goats & Boutiques and Music events
Our little town is getting quite creative with lots of new and fun stuff to do that is safe for the times. My friend Lainey created the original "Goat Yoga" and has now transformed to "Goat Happy Hour" where you can visit their farm and play with the goats. They love to be petted and cuddled. This is done all by donation to help folks have a happy hour and de-stress in nature. More info 

The local paper did a story this week on my store "Goddess Wear Recycled" and my neighbors' beautiful home store too. (I'll put more photos below) We are open the first weekend of each month and also by appt. In the near future, I will be offering "virtual shopping" so stay tuned for that. email me
 for more info, private  appts, or virtual shopping.  

Patio Concerts and Hands-on-Harps Workshops
Here's a video tune we recorded for a recent virtual Celtic Festival. I have been so inspired by the interactive safe style events happening in our town that I am thinking of how I can create "pod" concerts on our deck or in our fields where families or couples can come and hear some music and learn about our instruments. With all my harps that I use for my hospital programs, we can also have "Hands-on-Harps" beginners workshops as well with harps for everyone. The possibilities are endless!
Patio music, Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter play

We have always hosted house concerts in our home, and boy did we have an incredible lineup booked for all this year, but this outdoor experience where we played a farm concert near Salem recently was very encouraging that we can still create live concerts for folks to enjoy. It felt a little strange at first, it was about 60 people spread out pretty far and wide, we wondered if what we do would translate that way, but the folks were totally engaged and appreciative. It was wonderful.
Imagine coming to a beautiful space with your family or close friends to learn all about and play the Celtic Harp in a lovely setting. I have plenty of harps for everyone and can teach you how to play. You will hear a mini-concert before we pass out the harps and a good time will be had!

And life goes on....
My barn store is a fun hobby that allows me to collect beautiful clothing on my travels and pass them on to shoppers at very low prices. Open air barn shopping by appointment, or every first weekend of the month along with some other beautiful barn stores nearby.
There is plenty of space to social distance, there are dressing rooms and mirrors, sometimes friends bring guests and wine and have a party trying on new outfits. Most garments flowy gypsy boho style and are priced between $10 and $14. Most are sized.. not for super models.  
You can read all about it and the back story here Goddess Wear Recycled

FREE Song Download

Our newest album we released this past summer and  has been getting excellent reviews. In normal times we would be visiting radio stations and playing the music live on air. Introducing the new pieces in concerts and all the normal good stuff.  
This time we only have downloads and mail orders, not nearly as fun. But if you haven't heard it yet you can listen for free twice on Bandcamp and then order if you wish. Here's a Free download of a new tune I wrote called Lionhearts.
Just enter 0 in the payment option.  
More info on my website
Last but not least...
I will leave you with just a few more photos of Nigel before I go, just because I cannot help myself, and also because I know some of you have confessed you bypass everything scroll immediately down to the bottom to see him anyway. So for his many you go.