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By Popular Demand! 

We’ve had several clients contact us about their roots! 
Some have asked about recommendations for drugstore brands. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend any of these as our expertise is in the products we use and sell. 

To help you, we did come up with a solution. With the approval of our distributor we have developed a custom home care kit for colour root touch-ups during the COVID-19.

The cost for the home kit would be $70(taxes included) for a one time application.  
Pick Up Instructions

Times slots have been assigned to clients to pickup their colour kits. We have scheduled pick ups every 15 minutes to allow NO over lapping.

Pick Up Area

  • Pick -ups will be located at the rear parking lot at the salon. Enter through the laneway (Anne Rawson Lane) between Fairlawn & St.Germain. We are the second driveway from Fairlawn. The back door will be marked Calia Hair

  • Colour Kits and/or products will be placed in a bag inside of a white cabinet with your name

  • We will provide a tutorial with instructions for your colour appliaction

  • The applicator bottle will be sealed. Open the top and remove the plastic after you have given the bottle a good 2 minute shake

  • PLEASE KEEP AND WASH your applicator bottle and brush in the event you need a refill for a later application, we will sterilize your personal kit before we refill on your next order if you choose. We are still unsure when we are able to return to the salon for normal business operations

  • Once you watch the video and after your colour application, allow 30 - 40 mins max. processing time. It all depends on your resistant grey hair

  • After your processing time, rinse throughly, shampoo, condition and style as desired

  • All e-transfers must be made before picks are arranged

  • If you have any questions please email us at yonge@caliahair.com

  • Enjoy and have fun - remember we would love before and after pictures if you dare

  • Colour MUST be applied within a 2 to 3 hour window of your pick up

Pick Ups

10:45 -

11:00 -

11:15 -

11:30 -

11:45 -

12:00 -

12:15 -

12:30 -

12:45 -

1:00 -

After hours pick up BIN #2 -

Can you please reply "CONFIRMED" to ensure you received your pick up times.

We thank you once again for your support!

Peter & Luisa

Calia Hair
Co-owners Peter and Luisa Ciardulli
3338 Yonge Street