Volume V| June 2021
Family Enterprise Insights

As the world begins to open up from pandemic lockdowns, many families find they that have re-balanced family and work in potentially permanent ways. In this volume of Family Enterprise Insights, we highlight three examples of how the Global Family Enterprise Program approaches these challenges - for all families, not just family enterprises. Click below to learn about compelling research on how romantic couples divide tasks and reminders, how outside advisors can help family enterprise owners and how a family constitution can help guide the balance between work and family.

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Professor Malia Mason and co-authors examine how spouses remind each other about "to do" tasks.

Family enterprises can't do it all alone - the issues are far too complex and the consequences often extend beyond their own actions. Hear from Carter Sullivan '84, BBH Partner and Global Family Enterprise Advisory Board member, about when and how to seek help.

Family Constitutions are an "evergreen" way to manage relationships between family and business, and more. Razak Dawood '68's interview on the topic is worth re-visiting often.

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