Volume II | January 2021
Family Enterprise Insights
Welcome to our first Family Enterprise Insights of 2021.

It has been quite a year for the US and the world, and it’s only just begun! At the Global Family Enterprise Program, in addition to navigating the pandemic, we’ve continued to keep our finger on the pulse of family enterprises – the heart of the world’s economy and society. 

Most of the world’s businesses are family-owned. New family offices are being formed each day. Families create new businesses that may last longer than start-ups. Family enterprises form the core of charitable giving and are drivers of private philanthropy globally. Columbia’s thought leadership in these areas is the quintessential combination of theory and practice.

We’re delighted to share the latest research, wisdom, and advice from leading global scholars, family enterprise principals, and expert practitioners with our global community because we know it’s important to you and to everyone. 

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