Volume VII| August 2021
Family Enterprise Insights

At the Global Family Enterprise Program, we've never bought into the myth that family businesses die faster than non-family businesses. But the myth still holds sway around the world and we’re working hard to help our students, alumni, and broader community examine and understand reality. The truth is, there’s compelling data that family-owned businesses last longer than their counterparts. In this Family Enterprise Insights, we share important research on longevity of family firms, a recent post from Adjunct Professor Josh Baron, and an inspiring article about CBS alumni leading successful family businesses across generations. 

We’re delighted to share insightful research, wisdom, and advice from leading global scholars, family enterprise principals, and expert practitioners with our global community because we know it’s important to you and to society. 

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This seminal academic research article set the stage for new ways to think about longevity of family firms.

Global Family Enterprise Program Adjunct Professor Josh Baron addresses the question of whether most family businesses fail by the third generation.

Hear about the successful businesses led by CBS alum's Cheyenne Wiskerke '13 and Alan Wasserstrom '63.

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