Industry Consolidation Fuels Uncertainty, Change
The recently announced consolidation of MacDermid Enthone and Coventya is creating a tremendous amount of speculation and discussion in the industry.
We all know competition is healthy. It drives awareness, quality, innovation, increases efficiency, and enhances customer service. For the industry, this major consolidation takes away a bit of those factors. Both companies have different strengths, different cultures, different operational approaches, and it will take time to assimilate one to the other and emerge as one. Changes will no doubt come about as a result.
While this transition occurs, Columbia Chemical remains dedicated to serving the needs of our customers, our plating partners, both global and domestic, and valued OEM and Tier suppliers. 
We know those impacted by this consolidation are being told “nothing will change”, however, there are three key foundations we know to be true at Columbia Chemical and these values resonate with our existing and new customers and partners:

  1. Service and Support Matter. As this industry consolidation occurs, customers aware of the differences in service and support between the two companies are generating a surge of interest in learning more about Columbia Chemical’s Finisher’s Advantage® program, our dedicated technical account service and support and our rapid analytical reporting. Coupled with superior Zinc, Zinc-Alloy, and decorative plating processes, and our industry leading trivalent passivates; this change in the marketplace is providing even more customers with the chance to discover the Columbia Difference.
  2. Choice Matters. There is solid reasoning behind the phrase “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Customers need choice and OEMs and Tier suppliers are no exception. This consolidation eliminates a choice for the OEM and Tier suppliers in terms of alternative chemistry suppliers. Columbia Chemical has qualified and received formal approval on numerous global specifications. Our OEM experts are actively involved in AIAG and ASTM and remain on the cutting edge of industry regulations to consistently maintain and grow this list. We are proud to offer a valuable choice for OEMs and Tier suppliers to meet their chemistry specification needs. 
  3. Relationships Matter. It is one thing to provide quality and value in the products offered, however, we believe the key difference is in the people and the level of service delivered. Columbia Chemical is proud to be 100% employee owned (see our new employee video below) and supported by a culture that allows our employees to easily connect what they are doing to the value provided to our customers every day. Our customers recognize a genuine level of care and commitment from our team because your success is our success.

We understand the uncertainty that exists with this industry consolidation. We are here to continue to support our valuable customers, global partners, and OEM and Tier Suppliers; we welcome the opportunity to help transition those impacted by this major change to find steadier ground built on the foundational values mentioned above. Choose Columbia Chemical. Contact us to explore your options today.
In the News: Mark Schario on PF Podcast
Mark Schario talks about Decorative Trivalent Plating with Products Finishing
In this episode of On the Line Podcast, Products Finishing editor-in-chief Scott Francis sits down with Mark Schario, executive vice president with Columbia Chemical to hear about the latest innovations in trivalent chromium plating technology.
As word gets out that shops can save time on the line, cut costs, and improve performance with our new TriCOL® Reclaim™, interest and demand is rapidly growing. TriCOL® Reclaim™ features a unique formulation that prevents the buildup of counterions. Unlike traditional trivalent systems, specific gravity does not go up over time so the process allows for reclamation. This translates to one of the biggest benefits of TriCOL® Reclaim™ - the cost savings. With savings of 40-60% over existing tri-chrome processes, this new system provides decorative plating costs per square foot that are comparable to hex chrome. In addition, replenishment is simplified with a single liquid additive featuring pre-complexed chromium. This innovation means no more heating to complex the chrome - it can be used on an auto-feeder, saving shops valuable time and labor. Another benefit is the elimination of chrome dust - no more messy powder or chrome dust exposure for operators. Another step to enhance employee safety! With field production runs in full gear, applicators are astonished with the results (cost savings, ease of use, quality, and appearance like never before) and new shops are clamoring for the process.
If you are interested in joining in on implementing this breakthrough process at your facility, contact us for a cost analysis today.
Recognized as a world leader in Zinc Plating technology, providing options for acid zinc platers dealing with the Potassium Chloride shortage is a priority topic right now.

What’s an acid zinc plater to do with no KCl?
Q. I am an acid zinc plater and I was just notified that we will no longer be able to order Potassium Chloride for our process for at least the next several months and possibly through the end of the year. We only have enough supply for the next four weeks and I can't find any alternate sources. What is going on and what do I do?
A. Acid Zinc plating shops throughout the country are scrambling to react to the recent news of a major disruption in the North American supply chain for Potassium Chloride due to the closing of two mines. Due to brine inflow conditions at the Mosaic Esterhazy KI and K2 mines in Canada, mining has been shut down at these two critical KCI mine sites and the alternate mine site will not be able to supplement KCI production until 2022. There are very few other commercial sources of KCl available. Even though raw material shortages are becoming the norm today, this particular disruption in the supply chain leaves a bigger gap that threatens many industries and has no clear resolution in sight.
An option for Acid Zinc platers in this situation is to consider the process they are using to see if there may be operational alternatives regarding the conductivity salts. As longtime world leaders in Zinc plating, Columbia Chemical's COLSID AP and APD are bright zinc plating processes that were developed with a proprietary system that can transition to operate on alternate conductivity salts. Several high-volume plating shops have [click here to read more]
Lab Capabilities: Solution Analysis is Critical
Quality standards have become extremely important in recent years. As a commitment to our customers, we’ve invested extensively in our analytical lab in order to provide the best technical service and support. And that’s what gives Columbia Chemical and our customers an advantage over the competition.   
Keeping your plating solutions within optimal ranges is one of the keys to consistently delivering high quality finished parts. Columbia’s lab technicians are able to analyze solutions and provide customers with a comprehensive report within a 24-48 hour turnaround period. As part of our Finisher's Advantage® program, if we notice a sample is outside of normal range, (narrow tolerance 1%) we will automatically [click to read more]
Conversation with Congressman Anthony Gonzalez
Cares PPP, Labor Market Shortage, Logistic Challenges, Supply Chain Issues
Congressman Anthony Gonzalez (OH-16), representing Ohio’s 16th District in the U.S. House of Representatives recently visited Columbia Chemical. Congressman Gonzalez met with President Brett Larick and other members of the executive team to learn more about Brunswick businesses impacted by the Cares PPP funding. Congressman Gonzalez serves on the House Science, Space and Technology Committee and on the Financial Services Committee, where he is the vice chair of the Subcommittee on Diversity and Inclusion. Discussion with the Columbia Chemical leadership team centered around [more]
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