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 July 2017 

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CBWN Member Meeting, Nelson, Spring 2015. Lee-Anne Walker leads discussion of watershed education. Photo by Keenan Clapp.
CBWN Fall Member Meeting 
September 23, 2017
Nelson, BC
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Open Source Water Data Hub Dialogue:

Towards a Columbia Basin Water Monitoring Framework
November 29-30, 2017
Join the dialogue for modernizing water data in the Columbia Basin by creating a collective vision of a shared data space where useful and reliable water data could be freely accessed and evaluated by users.  
The need to instigate a coordinated, collaborative ,innovative, user friendly, cost effective, open storage water data platform has arrived.  Together we can  examine  water data gaps identified in the Columbia Basin Trust's  Feb 2nd 2017 report  "water monitoring and climate change in the Upper Columbia Basin".  We will explore what relevant analysis and water monitoring parameters are required to fill the  data gaps supporting the need  for informed decisions moving forward.  

The dialogue will include: governments from all levels, indigenous and non indigenous water stewardship groups, engaged groups, engaged industry and interested sectors, academia and best practices examples from BC, Canada and the USA.

Convened by Living Lakes Canada and partners.


Slocan River Rail Trail. Photo: Wildsight
Thank you! 

Thank you to the Columbia Basin Trust for supporting the Columbia Basin Watershed Network in its work for another year! 

We are excited to serve members as an information and resource hub, and with capacity needs. Please be sure to contact us if you have a project where you would like to collaborate with other watershed groups and you would like help in building partnerships and support! 

Living Lakes Canada, NALMS 2016, LakeKeeper Workshop, Photo by Heather Leschied
Nominate someone today for the  CBWN Volunteer AWARD S

The CBWN wants to celebrate member achievements in citizen science, watershed education and habitat stewardship.

Do you have a hero in your watershed?

CBWN Members, Mapping and Data
CBWN/SGRC Mapping Program
Fall Thesis Proposals: In Search of Good Questions 
Does your group have a mapping question? Is there a watershed issue that you would like help exploring through maps? For example:
- can satellite or aerial data help us track lake weeds?
- can we identify specific habitat conditions that support species of concern in our watershed using satellite data?
- or?
If you think that your project might be a 3-4 month "good question" for a GIS Thesis project, please contact us at cbwn.coordinator@gmail.com. Our Science Advisory Committee can help you make this into a thesis project.
If you can also offer support to a student, that will increase your chances!

CBWN Summer Mapping Program 
Glade Watershed Stewardship Mapping Project
The CBWN Summer Mapping Program is just finishing up this year.
Kalyn May, a Coop student in the Selkirk College GIS program, has b een working with several groups and projects this summer.
The Arrow Lakes Wetlands Project, Mainstreams in Kimberley, Wasa Lake Improvement District, and Glade Watershed Stewardship have all received assistance through our mapping program.  
The CBWN Mapping Program is a partnership between the Columbia Basin Watershed Network and the Selkirk Geospatial Research Centre. We are grateful to our funding partner, the Columbia Basin Trust.

CBWN Board Member Kat Hartwig

Water Steward of the Year (Living Lakes Canada), and
Water's Next People-NGO!

Kat Hartwig, from Brisco, BC, won the Water Steward of the Year award for the work that Living Lakes Canada team has done over the years, as well as the People- NGO category for her work on conducting a national scan in partnership with SFU and U of Acadia, to assess the state of community-based water monitoring across Canada.
Hartwig remarked,  "I was truly grateful to accept this National award on behalf of all water stewardship groups, and closer to home, it is way to acknowledge the dedication, devotion amazing water stewardship groups and individuals of Columbia Basin have and the hard work that they continue to do.
Ms. Hartwig pointed out that "the era of climate imposed decisions regarding source water protection and water allocation for humans and the ecosystems upon which we depend, has arrived.   Twenty-first-century challenges will require forging innovative, collaborative partnerships to collectively ensure economically and ecologically viable, climate resilient communities in Canada." concluded Hartwig, as the Water's Next winners were announced.
Congrats Kat!

Aquatic Invasive Species News


 Volunteer Opportunities - Regional Invasive Committee's

North of Revelstoke: Northwest Invasive Plants Council
Reporting Invasive Species 
For reporting information, contact your regional group, Invasive Species Council of BC or use the phone numbers and contacts on our website.
Funding Opportunities 

July 1 - August 31, BC Community Gaming Grants - Environment

October 3 ,   
Columbia Basin Trust - Environment Grants
Ongoing,   Kootenay Co-op Community Grants Program


July 27 REVELSTOKE  - Columbia Shuswap Invasive Species Society, Invasive Species ID & Management Training Workshops  
here.  Free.

September 13/14 , NELSON - Living Lakes Canada Canadian Aquatic Biomonitoring Network (CABiN) Field Practicum. More information here.

September 20-23 , NELSON - Different by Design- Exploring Innovation for Rural Prosperity Conference, Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation. More information here. 

September 29 - October 1, BLUE LAKE CENTRE - Inquiring Voices Sustainability Symposium, CBEEN. More information  here.
October 13-15, KIMBERLEY - CBT, Col. Chris Hadfield Keynote Speaker for Columbia Basin  Symposium. For more information and register  here.

November 29-30, FAIRMONT HOT SPRINGS - Open Source Data Hub Dialogue: Towards a Columbia Basin Water Monitoring Framework, Living Lakes Canada, with partners. More information coming soon.

Check out CBEEN's  webinar series

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CBWN Member News

Job Postings
Kootenay-Columbia Discovery Centre Society - Volunteer Board Members. More information here. 
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