There will be Q and A after each session as needed.

Alignment Overview and Guidebook Tour
(This session will provide the “why” and the historical journey behind the aligned rules. This session will also include a focus on learning together and highlight supports or resources available for successful transition in August 2019)

Environment-Health and Safety Tour
(This session will highlight updates and places of familiarity in the Environment section, focusing on Health and Safety rules. Keeping us all connected with what we already know and preparing us for changes as well in August 2019.)

Professional Development Tour
(This session will review professional development qualifications, training, role differentiation, equivalency, performance-based assessments and other requirements.)

Exclusive Rules to Early Learning Programs
(The Early Start Act required that DCYF consider the differences when writing the rules for a family home environment and a center environment. This session will highlight various rules that are exclusive only to certain environments)

WAC Activities (Interactive Stations)
(This session will encourage all participants to engage in active learning through a hands-on approach found in a variety of adult learning styles. These activities can be used for early learning programs submersing their own staff into the rules through creative and fun methods)

Monitoring Checklist Tour
(Description to follow)

Family Engagement and Child Outcomes Tour
(This session will review these two small but meaningful sections to demonstrate the requirements, their purpose and the importance for successful implementation)