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The makeup of the church in America and its place in society is undeniably changing. Perhaps, instead of seeing this as a problem, it's time to see it as an opportunity. Take a few minutes to read through Dr. Moody's article below, and then send us an email to let us know where these new opportunities arising.
Good News: White Millennial Christians Leaving the Church

The confessing Christian Church seems to do its most effective work when it is in conflict with government, organized religion and in minority. Yet, American Christians will do almost anything to reinforce their illusion of majority status, suggesting, perhaps, that they prefer to avoid the cost of doing their best. That seemsImage: Bound hands reasonable, if Christian faith and practice devolves into following the path of human reason.


Meanwhile, growth in the Christian faith is  cropping up in the most unlikely places in the world. It will be interesting to follow its effects on the People's Republic of China through the coming decades. Starting with some 1M persecuted believers in 1949 and exploding to over 60M by 2010, projections are that the protestant population in China will reach 160M by 2025 and 247M by 2030[1]. China will likely see the end of communism and will be sending missionaries to a faithless America if this trend continues.


If history repeats itself, however, smug superiority will set in...
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[1] Tom Phillips, China on course to become 'world's most Christian nation' within 15 years, The Telegraph, 28 March, 2015. 


The Columbia Street Project
"Where Faith Gets Down to Business"
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