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Israel and Palestine have been much in the news lately, but it's easy to forget that there are always more sides to an issue that what we see from the outside. Read over Dr. Moody's article below and then send us an email to share your thoughts.
The West Bank of Palestine: A Prison Whose Jailer is Jesus  
Author: Dr. Stan Moody

Meet calm, gentle, forgiving George Sa'adeh, Deputy Mayor of Bethlehem and Principal of a Greek Orthodox high school.   It began as a simple shopping trip with his wife and two daughters on March 23, 2003. It ended with four hundred bullet holes in their car, their twelve-year-old daughter, Christine, dead, and George and Christine's sister, Marianna, seriously  wounded by exploding bullets from the guns of IDF (Israeli Defense Force) soldiers.

They got the wrong car.   Mom was left unhurt to make funeral arrangements alone, while George and Marianna recovered. Christine was the four-hundredth child to be killed in 2003 in clashes between the IDF and Palestinian nationals

Yonatan Boemfeld is an Israeli citizen who has joined a growing group of former IDF security soldiers in a peace movement called, "Breaking the Silence."   He begins his story with these words:
The heavy screen that has protected us from the unpleasant things happening one hour's drive from Tel Aviv is slowly lifting. Behind it stand IDF soldiers. They fire on streetlights, on solar heater water-tanks, and on innocent people.  They abuse civilians, and take bribes at checkpoints. Drivers of armored vehicles run over cars parked on the streets, and a company commander confirms the death of a 12 yr. old girl...


The Columbia Street Project
"Where Faith Gets Down to Business"
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