CaaStle contributes additional $5,000 to Columbus Region Logistics Council’s Women in Logistics Scholarship
The Columbus Chamber of Commerce and Columbus Region Logistics Council’s Women in Logistics group has a scholarship to fund the education of women studying in the Supply Chain Management and Logistics Engineering Technology programs at Columbus State Community College in an effort to grow the advancement opportunities for Central Ohio women in logistics.

CaaStle, a leading technology and logistics company that powers subscription rental services, provided an initial $5,000 for the scholarship fund in 2019, and we are excited to announce CaaStle has contributed another $5,000 this year. Scholarships will be awarded each year and include students entering their education, as well as women in the industry who are already employed.

Robert Christian, General Manager at CaaStle in Groveport, OH said, “During the pandemic, the world became acutely aware of the importance of Logistics as we all learned to navigate through Supply Chain challenges and delayed shipments. As the world continues to change, and continues to evolve, the need for a more diverse supply chain is an absolute necessity. New and innovative ideas surrounding Logistics are needed. CaaStle has taken the necessary steps to help Women as they strive to grow in Logistics through higher education. These Women, recipients of the CaaStle sponsored scholarship, will bring new and innovative ideas into our Logistics world.”

“As a member of the Chamber of Commerce, I am excited to be a part of a CaaStle Team that is investing in the Community. Whether we are stuffing back packs for children to return to school, packing boxes to help food drives or helping schools redesign rooms, CaaStle believes in helping the community. Sponsoring a scholarship for Women in Logistics is yet another example of the commitment CaaStle has made to the Community.,” said Robert Christian III. “We hope the opportunity to be awarded a scholarship from CaaStle through Columbus State Community College/Women in Logistics will inspire more Women to pursue a career in logistics and provide our Supply Chain with their innovative ideas.”
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Route 23 and its impact on our Region

For nearly 30 years there have been conversations about addressing the free-flow connection between central Ohio and northwest Ohio and beyond along Route 23. Just over a year ago, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), MORPC, and the Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments jointly funded a study to explore options to make that a reality. Recently ODOT publicly stated that they are committed to finding a long-term solution, which is great news!

Why is it so important to address this problem now? Because we know that over the next 20 years the volume of traffic on the Route 23 corridor is expected to double. The road is already handling 30% more traffic than originally designed. There are 38 stop lights between Waldo and 270. These often create delays and cause unpredictable travel times. Economic growth is expected to continue to grow with major announcements coming to the region. The congestion and safety concerns will not diminish over time on their own.

Our region needs this improvement. If you have opportunities to meet with local officials or your state representative or senator, let them know that we deserve a long-term solution to the existing conditions on Route 23 and encourage them to express that feeling to ODOT.
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JLL Tilt Up Report

Summary and analysis of Columbus' current economic and industrial real estate market conditions.
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Kelly Fuller, VP of Talent & Workforce Development

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Workforce Report | Creating Stable Work Environments

Leading an organization through times of upheaval and uncertainty taxes even the most seasoned professional. When there are more questions than available answers, how can you provide a stable and productive workplace for your team?

There are a few building blocks to have in place:
  • Resources and tools for success are critical. Dedicate the appropriate technology and training to equip your team for productivity, and update when needed.
  • Communication should be frequent and honest. We tend to force positivity as a morale booster in the workplace. However, transparency and context will help build the trust necessary for a more stable environment.
  • Be authentic in your connection. Lead from a place of hopefulness and optimism, reminding your employees how they make a difference in the work.
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Access Update
Sherrice Thomas, VP of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Access

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DEIA | Trauma-Informed Leadership

According to the American Psychological Association, trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event. Did you know that rates of trauma exposure can be as high as 60% in the general population here in the United States of America? Trauma can occur in everyday life, including in the workplace, where interactions can trigger individuals and lead to an unproductive emotional response. What type of interactions? Here are a few examples.
  • Being “different” from others in your workplace.
  • Experiencing any form of discrimination.
  • Being treated as insignificant or peripheral.
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