Wearing a MASK can create unwanted skin irritations and MORE wrinkles. MASK'NE is the term used to describe acne, clogged pores, redness, dry skin and irritations as a result of wearing a MASK!
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Established in 1959, Annemarie Borlind is the Pioneer in natural skin care yesterday and today. Using only the finest natural ingredients, Borlind has developed many world firsts that have been scientifically confirmed by independent test institutes. 
If your skin is unusually sensitive, the ZZ Sensitive
series might be perfect for you! These items contain an innovative pre-biotic and pro-biotic complex to bring the skin flora back into balance.
See featured below from Left to Right: ZZ Sensitive
Cleanser, Strengthening Toner, Day Cream and Night Cream. CLICK on the LINKS to read more and order: Sensitive Skin Cleanser, Strengthening Toner, Day Cream, Night Cream
If you're at the point you want it ALL for anti-aging, the Biolifting Series does it ALL! These are the BEST anti-aging products EVER, comprised of natural ingredients to firm, smooth, lift, brighten and moisturize the skin.
Active ingredients include the natural Biolifting Complex, White Truffle, Vitamin C, Peptides and Hyaluronic. You WILL see immediate results!
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The Biolifting Lip & Eye Cream featured below is amazing! You will see a decrease in wrinkle depth and a reduction in dark circles and puffiness. Apply to the eye and lip area every morning and evening and see a BIG improvement within days! $150.00
You've GOT to SCRUB to unclog pores and remove dead skin cells to alleviate ACNE at any age! The Exfoliating Peel Scrub received Best Natural Beauty Award in 2020 in the category “FACE Scrubs, Masks & Peels” from BETTER NUTRITION magazine.
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A beautiful Rose Serum to rotate in. Contains valuable Black Forest Rose Extracts from the precious, Organic Damask Rose. This Vitamin C and Vitamin E anti-aging treatment results in smooth and revitalized skin. Click on the image above to read more and order. $40.00 (1.69 oz.)
About Annemarie Borlind Skin Care:
Use natural ingredient hair products too! Davines is a certified B Corporation and must meet the highest
standards of verified social and environmental
performance, public transparency and legal
accountability to receive this certification.
All Davines products are Sulfate and Paraben-Free, as well as Chemical-Free too!
The SOLU Scrub Shampoo complements the SOLU
Clarifying Shampoo. These products exfoliate the scalp and deep-cleanse the hair. Rid the hair of product build-up = Squeaky Clean Hair!
Make SOLU the last Shampoo before hair coloring and maybe every week or every other week for healthy scalp maintenance. Winner of Women's Health 2020 for BEST Clarifying Treatment. Click on the image above to read more and order.
The SOLU Scrub Shampoo is available in 2 sizes; $16.00 (3.57 oz) & $44.00 (11.9 oz.). The SOLU Shampoo is $29.00 (8.45 oz.)
Liquid Spell is a very COOL Styling product that benefits all hair types with breakage and split ends. Gives hair more volume, body, vitality and shine = Healthier Hair!
Liquid Spell is a leave-on Treatment to apply post Conditioner. Click on the image above to read more and order. $45.00 (4.22 oz.)
Add more SHINE to your hair by using the Oi Oil! For all hair types, providing immediate high shine and smoothness.
Ingredients include: Raucou Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil and Fruit Oil. Can be used daily on dry hair or on damp hair pre-blow dry. Click on the image above to read more and order! $45.00 (4.56 oz.) & $23.00 (1.69 oz.)
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If you missed the last email about Mavala from Switzerland, CLICK on the image below!
Now in stock, the Mavala Apricot Liquid Eye Shadow! Get this LOOK by applying Apricot to the crease of your eyelids or...on the inner eyelid to make Blue, Teal and Aqua shadows POP!
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