Dear Business Partners,

CRISIS = CHANGE >> OPPORTUNITY . No doubt under the COVID Crisis we all have been forced to change, but how can we turn CRISIS into OPPORTUNITY? . This is the key question I will address by providing a "Framework for Change" and providing Strategies/Tactics we can pursue today.

To change is to rethink and recreate a desired future. I suggest a three-step process:
  • Step 1 – Define the Gap (Reset & Reimagine) Resetting is a mindset that sees a gap between the way things are and the way things should be. Here we reevaluate processes, challenge assumptions, and conduct research to gain insight. We reimagine a better future and determine our current course falls short of the mark.
  • Step 2 – Plan to Narrow the Gap (Reposition & Reframe) To reposition is to prepare a strategy or plan. We set goals, determine key metrics, and lay out a series of action steps to get to where we need to be. Developing scenarios, from best to worst case, reframes the outlook and helps us prepare strategic responses that can narrow the gap more swiftly.
  • Step 3 – Close the Gap (Relaunch, Relearn, & Repeat) This is the stage where we take key action steps to close the gap.  We must execute the plan and maintain flexibility along the way understanding not everything we try will work, but some will.  We must constantly relaunch, relearn, and repeat the process of trial and error so we stay on track.
Proceeding through the Framework for Change process will result in key strategies and tactics that are unique to your business. There are however, common action items that can be pursued to become more adaptable to change now:

  • Learn how businesses are adapting through the COVID crisis from our list of curated articles on Strategies & Tactics we have assembled here.  
  • Learn how to Go Digital Now! and advance your business using key technologies here

In closing, businesses that build a change process as part of their culture and have a constancy to customer focus, teamwork, and continuous improvement, will certainly end up in a better place and turn CRISIS into OPPORTUNITY .   

Let us know what strategies you are employing or how we can help each other in this crisis. You can find more business resources at . Also p lease contact us at 309-494-8640 or for any questions or assistance. We look forward to rebuilding Peoria together.


Cesar Suarez
Cesar J. Suarez
Senior Development Specialist