Dear Business Partners,

This notice is about Getting Grants and preparing your businesses to receive grants from as many sources as possible. Grants (free money) come in many shapes and sizes, and the strategy here is to apply for those grants that move your business forward.

Finding grants can be difficult, but we've made it a bit easier. You can: a) view our list of grant at , and/or b) checking our " grant resources list " which includes a list of five on-line grant portals and several private grant opportunities.

Determining your eligibility and applying for a grant is another challenge. The general rule on grants is: a) be "grant ready" by having the required documents, b) invest the time commensurate with the award, and c) beat the deadline. Consider the following:
  • Private Grants: Many private grants are well worth the effort to apply. For instance, the Verizon Small Business Relief Grant (deadline Sat April 4 at noon) takes 10 minutes to apply and you could possible win $10,000 ($1,000 per minute is a great return!).
  • Government Grants: These grants typically require more preparation and time but it's best to be ready for them. If you are gearing up for an up-and-coming government grant, we recommend you take the following steps, and attend one the these workshops on GATA, which is great for getting your documents in order.

These are difficult times for all of us and grants from private and public organizations offer great opportunities to move your business forward.

We look forward to learning how we can better serve you in Combating COVID-19. Please contact us at 309-494-8640 or for any assistance. We and our partners will do our best to address the challenges you are facing.


Cesar Suarez
Cesar J. Suarez
Senior Development Specialist