Dear Partners,

The City and our partners are putting together a host of resources for Businesses Combating COVID19 (CC19) to help deal with the disruption. Our intent is to inform, connect, and engage you and fellow businesses in the following areas:
  • Communication & Education
  • Technical & Operation Assistance on Business Continuity
  • Financial Resources -Loans and Grants
  • Marketing & Promotions

This notice (BCC19-1) is our first, and many more will follow to inform you of resources available through the City, County, State, Federal Agencies, and other partners. So please share this with other businesses that would benefit.

Let's begin with three key resources for CC19:

  • The GPEDC has built a website at to assemble and organize information for CC19. Please check back frequently as updates are made. 
  • If you have a question, want to share information about your company’s situation, or are in need of resources, a special email address: is set up. We and our partners will do our best to address your issues as they arise.
  • Illinois got its economic disaster declaration yesterday. That sets into motion the ability to working capital loans up to $2.0 million, 30 years, at 3.75%. More on this later but here is the link.

We look forward to learning can better serve you in your efforts in CC19.


Cesar Suarez
Cesar J. Suarez
Senior Development Specialist