January 2023

Combating Post-Holiday Blues

CEO Update

Clara Reynolds, President & CEO, talks about the post-holiday loneliness that many individuals experience at the start of the new year.

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Calling for a Friend

When Tracy called the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline, she was looking for resources for her friend, Jake. Jake had been making comments recently that led Tracy to believe he was struggling with his mental health and possibly contemplating suicide.

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Prioritize Your Mental Health This New Year

As mentioned in Clara's video above, we see an increase in calls to the Gateway Contact Center in January from individuals feeling lonely. As we start this new year, make sure you are prioritizing your mental health. Work to get to bed a little earlier for more sleep, take a walk after your work day, or call up a friend to chat. Anything that brings you a little joy will go a long way in helping your emotional health.

Check Your Mailbox for Your

Tax Donation Letter

If you made a donation to the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay in the 2022 calendar year, be sure to check your mailbox later this month. Tax letters will be in the mail by the end of January with all of the information you need for filing.

Take a Tour of the Crisis Center!

Hear stories about the community members we help, see the service areas where we provide healing to clients, and learn about the urgent needs of the families we serve. Be sure to click the link below to register to attend an upcoming tour.

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