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Opioid Sparing Pathway promotes non-narcotic approach to pain management

There are very few societal issues that have caught widespread attention more than the opioid crisis. For years, opioid-based drugs have been administered to patients during and after surgery for their effectiveness in eliminating pain. But the negative effects of these drugs, pharmaceutical derivatives of heroin, can range from nausea to dependency.

In an effort to combat the opioid crisis, two members of the South County Health medical staff, anesthesiologist, Henry Cabrera, MD, and orthopedic surgeon, Michael Bradley, MD, have acknowledged the problem and are doing something about it, without sacrificing patients' outcomes or experience.
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  • How do I know when my pain is bad enough to go see a doctor?
  • Are there things I can do on my own to control the pain?
  • Is surgery the only option to fix the problem?
  • What treatments are available to me for back pain?

South County Hospital awarded WELCOA Gold Well Workplace Award

South County Hospital has been named one of America's healthiest companies after receiving the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) Gold Well Workplace Award.  

The award is given annually to companies that impact the overall health and well-being of their employees by designing and offering programs that promote healthy living.

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know...

90 percent of new colon cancer cases occur in people who are 50 or older. Those with a first-degree relative (parent, sibling, or offspring) who has colon cancer have 2-3 times the risk of developing the disease. Take action and receive the necessary screenings you need to stay healthy. 

Find a doctor on the medical staff at South County Health and schedule your colonoscopy today.
Health eCooking: Glazed Pork Roast

Marinate the pork loin the night before and you can have this satisfying Glazed Pork Roast ready in about an hour. While the roast is in the oven, sauté some spinach for a quick, healthy side dish.