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There are only three ways to grow a business - and these apply to every business. These are:
  •  Attracting more customers
  •  Increasing transaction values through up-sells and cross sells
  •  Increasing the frequency of purchases 
When you use a combination of Internet marketing and signage, you can achieve all three on the list - here's how.
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Enhancing Your Internet Presence
Internet presence is all about improving the way your business engages with its customers online. To attract customers into your brick and mortar store, you need to use two different types of Internet marketing campaigns.

First, you need a search engine marketing (SEM) campaign, aimed at people actively searching for products online.

Second, you need a social media marketing (SMM) campaign, to find people who share the demographics and behavior of your target audience.

As your aim is to increase foot traffic into your store, all your campaigns should be hyper-local, offering specials and discounts available only to those who find the deals online.

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Where Signs Come In
Effective web marketing techniques will drive prospects to your physical location. Once you have gained these prospects, signage comes into play. For instance, you can use your in-house signs to direct prospects to  complimentary items for an up-sell.

However, you should also work in reverse - directing customers from your store to your Internet campaigns. Use point-of-sale (POS) signage to reinforce the need to visit your website or to encourage customers to sign up for a newsletter, which will enable them to stay informed about your newest products, services, and offerings.

Brochures, flyers, and POS materials should encourage customers to share their contact details along with information that will allow you to better target offers to them as individuals. In reward for providing you with this information, offer specials, discounts, and one-of-a-kind deals available only to those who participate.
As it is cheaper to maintain customers than to find new ones, both types of in-store campaigns should create an ongoing dialog with customers and prospects. This combination of Internet and in-store campaigns leads to an endless cycle of increased sales, new foot traffic entering your store, and new online engagement customers. Plus, it makes it easier for customers to share their love of your products or services with contacts on their social media networks.
Who Can Benefit from This Tactic?
The web campaign/signage technique is not limited to retailers; it is also appropriate for service-based businesses. Use your campaigns and signs to send customers additional offerings, lead them to useful information that complements your services, and encourage up-sells.
For the in-store aspect of your campaign to be successful, you need great signs that grab prospects' attention. Contact us at A-to-Z Signs for all your signage needs.

Web traffic + Foot traffic = Exponential Growth
If you're interested in increasing your presence on the internet and/or learning how you can leverage the power of internet marketing to drive traffic to your brick & mortar business, give my friend Andy Lehrfeld a call at 203-548-0070  or CLICK HERE to visit his website. I highly recommend his service and expertise.


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