Go into all the world and preach the Good News of the Kingdom to everyone! (from Mark 16:15)

Our missions partners are a gift!

A gift of God, to the world!

To the people of the world. And to the nations of the world.

Our missions partners have gone into places we may never go. And ministered to those we may never meet.

But because they are a part of us and we are a part of them, because we partner together, we get to share in their ministry!

We get to share the highs. We get to share the lows.

We get to share the efforts and the testimonies and the breakthroughs!

We get to share all God is doing in them and through them, because we are all a part of the team!

On Sunday, June 10, we will be hearing from our missions partners, Jeff & Peg Shrum and Chris & Holly Steed.

We encourage you to come be a part! Come hear. Come pray. Come celebrate!

Come get a heart and passion for our missions partners and the beautiful, God-given work they are doing across the globe!

Come get God's heart and passion for the people they are ministering to and with!

And come take next steps of partnership!

Give of your time - in prayer!
Give your encouragement - in words!
Give of your faith and blessing and love - in monetary giving!

We are going to bless our missionaries like we've never blessed them before!

Now is the time to go deeper and give bigger!

God is doing mighty, purposeful things through our missions partners!

They've gone into all the world. They are preaching the Good News of the Kingdom.

And we get to be a part of it!

*Our generous gifts of love will be given to our missions partners on Sunday, June 10.

Our Small Group Leaders are collecting our love gifts for that day. Please give your generous offerings to a Small Group Leader on or before Friday, June 8!

We can't wait to give generously of ourselves to our missions partners on our special Missions Sunday!
Partner with us! Nothing is impossible!

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Encouraging Moment 05.20.18

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