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Why Don't We Have Funerals For Our Pets?
When a person dies, relatives and friends show their support by attending the funeral or memorial service. Losing a beloved pet is one of life's most painful experiences and yet our society does not offer a grieving pet owner some type of recognized ceremony to help acknowledge this loss. Pet owners often feel isolated in their grief, and are without the support they so desperately need, and it raises the question, "Why don't we have funerals for our pets?"
Recognizing that need, Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation hosts a Pet Memorial Sunday event for those who are suffering such a loss. Over the past 12 years, families have found a great deal of comfort participating in this unique service as they pay respect to their beloved best friend.

Along with speakers who explore end-of-life issues and the process of grieving, we also present “Words of Tribute” written by families to commemorate and remember the lives of their special pets. A release of white doves symbolizes our ability to let go of our precious companions.

Participating in this memorial, you will be surrounded by others who understand and sympathize with the grief you are experiencing in a loving and comforting atmosphere.

Our Pet Memorial Sunday event will be held on
Sunday, September 10, 2017
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If you would like to attend, call Deb at 412/220-7800 to reserve your spot at this
free event.

What Makes
Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation

Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation Accommodates Special Requests.

We recognize that your pet is unique to you and your family. With this one-of-a-kind bond often comes a family's desire to memorialize their pet in a special way and CCPC strives to fulfill that request.

When receiving your pet, I snip a little of your pet’s fur/feathers and wrap them around a silk rose bud for return to you with the cremains. The cremains are placed in a fabric bag that I hand make specifically for your pet. To accomodate many different choices, I have on hand over 120 different fabrics from which to chose.

If you would prefer, you can provide fabric that has a special meaning to your family. In the past, families have provided a favorite blanket, the cover of the pet’s favorite pillow, a neckerchief, the pet’s winter coat (displayed above in photo), or some other fabric that has a special meaning. The fabric bag allows you to take your pet home without the need to make an urn decision immediately.

From your initial grieving through the days of remembering and honoring your pet’s gift of life, Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation is here to see that you have choices and to fulfill your special requests for the pet you cherish so deeply.

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This Month's Featured Urn

Into the

Fall turns our attention to the woods as the leaves turn. These beautiful hand crafted wood urns provide a wide variety of choices in material and presentation so that the urn you ultimately choose is a one of a kind memorial to honor your precious companion. 

Manufactured in the United States, this urn allows you easy access to frequently change the picture of your beloved pet, if you so desire. Frolicking while raking the leaves, scampering about in the first snow, snoozing by the campfire or playing catch -- you can change them to suit the seasons and rekindle your fondest memories. Appropriately named Magic Window due to this attribute, the urn is available in Cherry, Oak, Walnut, and Maple woods and in small, medium, and large sizes.

To customize this urn you also have a variety of five frame choices:
 Rectangle -- Oval -- Double Oval
  Tilted Heart -- Straight Heart

All urns can be engraved with your pet's name and dates. Additionally, you may choose to have a sentiment or simple image, such as a pawprint, heart or crown lasered on the top, back, or side of the urn.  Your precious companion will rest peacefully in this beautifully designed urn made extra special by you.

If you have questions or would like to purchase an urn,
please call Deb at  412-220-7800 .

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Pet Memorial Sunday
Sunday, September 10th
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