February 2018 edition
DeKalb County Community Foundation
What Gives!
In recognition of Valentine's Day, we would like to take a moment and say...
Over the next few months, we have some exciting news and announcements to share. We'll start with a few here in the month of February. Enjoy!
Come Join the Fun(d)!
Introducing the Sandwich Fair Association Fund . This new agency fund provides a way for people and organizations to give back in support of the Sandwich Fair Association. Donations received will support the mission of the Sandwich Fair Association, Inc.

Thank You Alethia Hummel!
Please join us as we give a big, heartfelt  THANK YOU to Alethia Hummel for her time and service on the Community Foundation  Board of Directors . Alethia served as the representative for the Sandwich community, a small town with a big heart for its citizens and organizations.

YEP Alumni Update with Alexa Farris
Meet Alexa Farris. During her three years in the YEP program, Alexa learned a great deal about donors, professionalism, philanthropy, and her community. So where is Alexa now and did the YEP program have an impact on her life after high school? Let’s find out!

Past Leadership, Future Priorities
The Community Foundation’s Presidents Council was established in 2014.  The experiences of Foundation leadership and ongoing community activity and stewardship can serve as valuable ‘counsel’ to the current Foundation board president and executive director .

Available Scholarships!
We are currently accepting applications for the Palmer Family Music Education, Harold P. Wells, and the CHS Elburn scholarships, all administered through the Community Foundation.

To date, there are over 65 scholarship funds at the Community Foundation. The majority of these scholarships are administered through local high schools. Please contact a Guidance Counselor at your local high school for application information.
Grant Opportunities Currently Available
Nonprofit and community organizations are encouraged to  apply for any of the following grant programs currently available :
Nonprofit Study Released
Announcing the 2017-2018 DeKalb County Nonprofit Study. Take a look at the most in-depth information available about the local nonprofit sector! How many nonprofits are located in DeKalb County? How many people work for nonprofits in our local communities? Learn all of this and much more!

Questions? Contact us.  We're here to serve you! 
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