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Come On and Zoom

The learning curve has been steep - Hours have been long - Teamwork has been invaluable. We’ve gone virtual and we are so pleased with the outcomes!

Some of you have already joined us in the Zoom world. For the rest of you, we hope you are able to join us very soon! 

Our CBSG Program Virtual Trainings have been a huge success. We have limited space available in our June 4th training. 

We also have a series of virtual workshops we are hosting now through the end of June. Space is extremely limited. We will have a new set of July workshops with registration starting the first week of June. We hope you are able to join in to learn from our informative, entertaining, and intriguing speakers. 

In a time when we are not able to meet in person, virtual waves and hugs during workshops and trainings feel really great! 

We’ve also had many of our  CBSG Program  Facilitators and program funders ask about virtual Groups. Our motto has been:  do whatever you need in order to meet your kiddos where they are . The  CBSG Program ’s messages have never been more important to share than now. We want to give a huge shoutout to Lisa Solon, coalition in Lakewood, Washington called Lakewood’s CHOICE, that focuses on substance abuse and prevention for youth. Lisa contacted us about implementing virtually, we gave her permission and this photo shows her success!! Way to go, Lisa!!

Kudos to all of you out there going way out of your comfort zone to meet the needs of your community members. 

We’d love to hear your stories. Drop me a note to let me know how you are surviving the pandemic to meet those needs. 

Virtual "hugs",
Kathy Daley

COVID-19 Response
Response and guidelines for trained facilitators of our Curriculum-Based Support Group (CBSG®) Program
Training Calendar
CBSG Program Facilitator Training

Updated: Please note the June 4 th  training will be our inaugural virtual training and you can join from wherever you are! There are only 5 spots left. Cost is $199. Register soon !

Kids’ Connection, Youth Connection,  and  Kids’ Connection, Too  (collectively known as the  CBSG ®   Program  ) are unique, interactive, multi-cultural curriculum-based prevention interventions that teach high-risk children and youth ages 4-17 a set of essential life skills: skills to help them learn how to cope with difficult family situations (which include Adverse Childhood Experiences), resist negative peer pressure, set and achieve goals, and refuse alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. 

This training is designed to fully prepare schools, community-based organizations, churches, juvenile justice divisions, volunteers, and other youth service professionals to fully implement the  CBSG Program  with fidelity. 

Those completing this training will receive their choice one of the  CBSG Program  Facilitator manuals:
  • Kids’ Connection for ages 4-12 in Schools and Communities
  • Youth Connection for ages 10-17 in Schools and Communities
  • Kids’ Connection, Too for Ages 4-15 in Homeless & Domestic Violence Shelters, Group Homes & Other Transitional Living Environments

Please contact us at  info@RainbowDaysTraining.org   for more information!
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Community Mobilization & Engagement

Community mobilization engages sectors in a community-wide effort to address an environmental issue. It brings together policy makers and opinion leaders, local governments, professional groups, religious groups, businesses, and individual community members. Community mobilization empowers individuals and groups to take action to facilitate change.

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