Message from Ace Tennis President, Douglas Burke
This has been a truly trying experience for all. Right from the start of the Covid 19 episode, ACE committed to keeping our players and coaches involved. We used this as a constructive period allowing us to visit alternative training and education options for our athletes.

I personally am so proud of what I experienced during these trying two months. Our coaches in Burlington and Toronto worked together using Slack, Zoom and ONcourt to challenge our players to continue their physical development while also learning from the experience of top players.

The management team of All Canadian also worked closely with Canada’s top tennis directors from across the country to develop strategies for the reopening of training programs. The result has been a comprehensive document " The All Canadian Protocols" which only require the specific protocol of the host club to be added. We have trained our staff and prepared videos to provide confidence in our players, parents and staff that health for everyone is the #1 priority. We are also creating a volunteer base of parents [see below] to assist us in insuring the adherence to the protocols.

Ace Tennis will be reopening its programs as of June 1, 2020 at Toronto Tennis City, in Toronto, as well as at Cedar Springs Club and Burlington Tennis Club, in Burlington. Ace Tennis programs will also be offered at our other six community club partners, once clubs feel confident in meeting the various city ordinances. The same safety-oriented protocols will be followed, with the understanding that these evolve as we go forward.

You will find attached information on our June programs as well as information on our summer camps.
Welcome back, be careful, be safe and enjoy our wonderful sport.

Douglas Burke,
President Ace Tennis

  • On May 19th, the government shared that individuals are permitted to resume play on outdoor courts, and indoor courts for clubs that are affiliated to national bodies see article.

  • Toronto Tennis City has taken down their bubble thus increasing our number of outdoor courts.

  • We have 8 outdoor training facilities and 1 indoor that offers structured and fun camps for players of all levels, see below!

  • We developed a comprehensive set of protocols to ensure players, parents, members, and coaches are playing tennis safely.

We Understand Your Concerns
At ACE safety is of upmost important. The Canadian government has officially stated that tennis programs and facilities can re-open. Although we are returning to the court, things will definitely be different. While we were closed we held mandatory training sessions for all of our staff. We have also recorded safety videos for players to get familiar with changes. Furthermore, we have created a comprehensive set of protocols that all players, coaches and parents must abide by. We will also:

  • Have all coaches, players and parents conduct healthy assessments
  • Limit the number of players on every court
  • Have a coach who is responsible for supervising every court
  • Have volunteers who will be responsible for ensuring all safety protocols are diligently followed

Every player, parent, coach, and volunteer must read entire document
and sign waiver.
We understand it can be hard to imagine what training will look like given our new environment. We wanted to help you picture yourself playing the sport we all love, while staying safe.
Note that camp details are subject to change.
Cedar Springs, Burlington 
Doug Burke, Tennis Director
Toronto Tennis City, Toronto
Craig Mercer, Tennis Director
Toronto Tennis City, Toronto
Sam Jonas, Ace Tennis Director
Burlington Tennis Club, Burlington
Victor Hoang, Head Tennis Professional
Howard Park Tennis Club
Craig Mercer, Head Tennis Professional
Milton Tennis Club
Mike Donski, Head Tennis Professional
Mimico Tennis Club
Mario Albu, Head Tennis Professional
Bridelwood Tennis Club
Adam Dykes, Head Tennis Professional
Agincourt Tennis Club
Marc Pepin, Head Tennis Professional
ACE Tennis Club at HSC - Hamilton
Francis Charest, Head Tennis Professional
Programs cancelled until Spring 2021
Here at ACE, the safety of our students and coaches are paramount for us to continue to provide a safe, educational, and competitive environment. We are looking for volunteers at both Burlington and Toronto locations to help ensure the safety of parents coaches and members.
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