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As president of SENSR Structural Monitoring Solutions I could not be more excited to show the world our new game-changing suite of products, which we refer to as Generations II (GEN II).

Our first generation of robust and highly reliable products has been winning converts for three years, providing accurate, timely and actionable information and near real-time alerts when impacts, scour or vibration from adjacent construction exceed customer defined requirements. The next generation, while true to its predecessor’s DNA, is a quantum leap forward. SENSR GEN II is power agnostic, designed to work with either wired or solar power and capable of continuous monitoring even in remote areas. GEN II is even more robust, with enhanced lightning suppression and the ability to keep working while submerged for up to two weeks. Our proprietary SENSRsi 2.0 software suite provides a wireless, cloud-based system that facilitates timely alerts and provides detailed, actionable information to our customers. Soon, we will be adding our JN5, camera that can provide synchronous photography that will integrate with our data and analytics to give customers visual confirmation of bridge strikes and other impacts.

The SENSR team and I can’t wait to show off these amazing new products at the AREMA National Conference in Chicago the week of September 16th. We encourage you to come by and visit us at Booth 202 and see first-hand what why we are so excited and why more rail customers are choosing SENSR for their Structural Response Monitoring needs every day.

Walt Bleser, President
SENSR Structural Monitoring Solutions

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