Christmas Ornaments 2015
We have the White House Christmas Ornaments 
from 1999 to 2015
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NEW White House Historical Christmas Ornament Calvin Coolidge 2015
The White House Historical Christmas Ornament Abraham Lincoln - 1999
The Bread Baker
Wooden Ornament Christian Steinbach
Mushroom Hunter
Wooden Ornament Christian Steinbach
Christian Ulbricht German Ornament Christkindlmarkt
Christian Ulbricht German Ornament Bavarian Owl

The White House is decked out with 62 Christmas trees and more than 70,000 ornaments this year. 

The decorations on the East Landing include garlands made of airmail envelops, mailboxes and iPad stations that allow visitors to send messages to military service members.
We carry GREAT military 
Christmas Ornaments too.
We love the military and we always want to honor their comment and service to our county.

We carry the Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine's (of  course) and with the Army Navy game coming this weekend it will make a great gift for the military person in your family!

Click on the Marine Ornament and see all the others we carry.
A Christmas wonderland of beautiful
 Steinbach Wooden Ornaments 
awaits you.
How does one choose? 

They are all too darn cute! Famous the world over for their nutcrackers, Steinbach ornaments are equally delightful. 

In fact, we have an entire tree (an enormous one, at that!) completely decorated in vintage and new Steinbach ornaments.
Beautiful  Christian Ulbricht Ornaments, in stock and needing a home.
Did you know this about 
Christian Ulbricht?
Christian Ulbricht German Ornament Cuckoo Clock

In 1928, Christian Ulbricht's father founded the company.  

With a lot of passion and diligence the family and their team create traditional wooden art that brings joy to grown-ups and children alike. And in every single piece the spirit of Christmas is alive. 

His success was built on entrepreneurial skills and a remarkable inventiveness. At the height of his career, Otto Ulbricht was awarded at the World Exhibition in Paris with a gold medal for his children's room clock designs. 

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