Joe Nester did a great job at our strip till seminar on Tuesday. Joe talked about the benefits and struggles of strip till. Joe also has interesting discoveries that point to the higher pH of todays rainwater as the cause of algae bloom across the country. We will do a Webinar with Joe in the near future.
Watch the Becks PFR video about their Yetter strip till units with a Valmar mounted on top of the toolbar. Stay tuned as we follow the results of this trial next fall
November 13th 2019
Another busy week of farm shows and Seminars. Tuesday we hosted Joe Nester and several customers to talk about strip tilling, how to improve, and how to become more efficient. Joe has a wealth of knowledge of soils and how they react with certain chemicals. Next week is the start of the Indianapolis farm show where Gary, Angie, Adam, and Kevin will spend time with customers talking about products for 2020 Be sure to tune in to todays webinar at 5:30PM
Have a Great Weekend

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Check out new videos Below!
GBGI, The Best Planter Opener On The Market

Are you tired of the cheap stamped housing blades that crack and go through bearings? GBGI located in NE Ohio makes an opener blades that uses a cast ductile steel bearing housing that is machined to the 0.001 for quality and longevity. This 3.5 mm blade is an Osmundson blade and uses all John Deere approved components including a Peer bearing. Tune in today as Pete Casamento and Adam talk the details about this blade and how it is different from the rest.
Watch last weeks Soybean Planter Setup Webinar

Tune in Wednesday and watch our webinar covering "Setting planters up for Soybean Success" This webinar will cover all things soybean planters and what we have seen work very well for us in the past. Jeff Wherley from Yetter MFG will join us to talk Becks studies and what Yetter offers to help increase soybean stands.

New Videos This Week
As we get closer to harvest we want to key in on combine and fall harvest products such as Yield Savers, Devastators, Salford Tillage. Here are some videos that highlight those fall products.

Cassie's Country Cupboard Weekly Recipe:
Christmas Tree Pancake Stack
Playing with your food is highly encouraged during the holidays. Sneak in an extra dose of veggies with this fun project!

Christmas Tree Pancake Stack
Batch of your favorite dry pancake mix (8-10 pancakes)
Additional ingredients for pancakes
Handful of baby spinach leaves
Tree "decorations" as desired
  1. Place all liquid ingredients and spinach in blender.
  2. Blend until smooth.
  3. Add pancake mix. Blend just until moistened (don't overmix).
  4. Cook pancakes on hot griddle, using different amounts of batter to create different circle sizes.
  5. Stack and decorate as desired!

What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs
Our new truck bed displays will be put to good use this winter to bring our product showcase to you!
Mitch, Zach and Kurt have been working hard this week to assemble this Salford 28' VT tool that gets delivered to Eastern Ohio.
This Farm King Applicator is sold and getting prepped for delivery with new Yetter N Keepers!
Check out this weeks helpful Videos!
This Weeks Millenial Farmer Video
Just In: 22' Salford 570
Just in! A super clean 22' 570 RTS. One owner, always shedded. Blades measure 18 3/4". This unit works great to manage stalks in the fall and create a seedbed in the spring!

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