A Healthy Dose of Natural Stone?

We did not time it this way, but another container just arrived. This one is all stonework. It was nice to see many of you over the last week viewing our Moroccan container. Somehow, it just worked out that when one small group arrived, another left. People had the entire warehouse to themselves. I am hoping we can offer you that same luxury the second time around with this collection.

I have certainly seen my share of trends over the years. Everything comes back around, but some things remain timeless. It seems like a lifetime ago, but before the world went into lockdown, I spent time in Bali and Thailand. During my trip, I connected with old friends in shops, galleries, and museums. A picture quickly began to form of the artisans and once again, they were focusing on natural stone, along with ancient techniques. Maybe they never stopped or maybe they intrinsically knew something was going to happen that would create a great need for grounding. A great need for the comfort that only something as primal and familiar as stone could provide.

I was on the hunt...Stones were humanities first tool and first permanent shelter material. Since time immemorial, we have stacked stones as effigies, used them in areas of worship, and created our first works of art. In design, stones are often the centerpiece in everything from highly modern residences to deconstructed interiors embodying the transience of natural imperfection known as  Wabi-Sabi .

As a final note, one aspect I loved about both Bali and Thailand was the role tea played in my travels. Whenever I stopped to speak with someone, they offered me tea. I am not talking about the to-go variety we are so accustomed to stateside. I am talking about creating the opportunity for me to take a pause, reflect, and appreciate my surroundings. Maybe it prepared me for the following months in which I was forced to slow down. The preparation to be present, alone, and appreciative of the moment – not what I could NOT do.
So, stop by, walk around and reacquaint yourself with  our  stone. While we would love to offer you tea, unfortunately, it is going to have to wait until after quarantine. Rest assured, it, along with many new things will await you when Berbere reopens! 

Be safe and be well...