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November 12,  2018
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Time schedule for Meet Me WednesdayS!
St. Philip's Plaza...4280 N. Campbell Ave.

5:00 to 5:25......Stretch and Strength...Check in after!! 
5:15......Check-in begins

Walk/Run on your own anytime.

Stretch and Strength starts at 5:00 to get you ready!
5:30......Walk or Run with a leader
5:30.....DocWalk with physician leaders
6:30......Closing Ceremony...awards and raffle

Specials at Reforma for MMW.
$1 soda/one $2 beer selection/$5 wine (one red/one white) available at bar in Reforma, with hand stamp. 15% off food.
Don't forget the tip!!

MMW is the DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING! Bring friends + family who are in town and get a little festive exercise in before a day of cozy couch time, football-watching, and food! Trust us: You'll feel good that you did it.


Thanks to Stephanie with Body Works Pilates, Stretch and Strength was a ton of fun!
BodyWorks Pilates provides a free class that gently prepares the body for exercise by gradually working to increase heart rate and blood circulation.  From 5:00 to 5:25 pm, enjoy this functional workout using your own body weight! 
Bring a friend and join us!

Here's what one MMW walker says about Body Works Pilates:
Last winter I introduced some of my neighbors from the Catalina foothills to MMW. They won a raffle prize for a month pass to Body Works Pilates; including a semi private introductory session. They gave me the pass because they thought I would use it. I did gladly; have been going a few times a week ever since.  The instructors are great and the personal attention is fantastic. I highly recommend   Body Works Pilates. Looking forward to adding  5pm Stretch and Strength sessions at MMW to my walk.   Thanks,  Gail

Maynards to the Moon surpasses 131,000 miles! 
Great job everyone!
Next Prize night - Tonight at Maynards!
Every Maynards to the Moon participant (wearing a MTTM wristband) can 
enter to win prizes on the Third Monday of every month.

MTTM is a demonstration of our fit community while we celebrate the 50th anniversary of perhaps our country's most significant scientific achievement, Neil Armstrong's walk on the moon, July 2019.
Learn more details  HERE .

TMC BE Tucson 5K at Kino Stadium- for women and men!
December 1, 2019
First 300 guaranteed wine glass, tank or t-shirt, & breakfast.  Sign up now!

Thanks to Reforma for offering a selection of $2 beer and $5 wine with your hand stamp, PLUS a 15% discount on food! 

   Reforma         Union Public House
      Blanco Tacos and Tequila            Fini's Landing

El Cisne            Zinburger      Flying Leap Vineyards

As part of its mission to make Arizonans healthier, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona (BCBSAZ) is teaming up with fitness icon Jake "Body By Jake" Steinfeld to launch a new health and wellness program.
Get Fit. Don't Quit! empowers us to live healthier lifestyles through engaging videos with tips on how to be more active, eat better, and live well. The program promotes the idea that small steps lead to big payoffs, and shows people fun, simple, positive changes they can make in their day-to-day lives to support long-term wellness.

SEND US YOUR PHOTO in your shirt/cap when you travel!
Friendly walkers were everywhere!
Runners paused to pose with the gorgeous sky - and they are pretty gorgeous, too!
That's a sunset you just can't beat! 
Tom and Margaret model their winter clothing!
Dr. Rick, you sir, are hilarious!
Our walking crew returns safely! And want to avoid looking into the flash. We miss you, David!
Congratulations, Val, on your Running Shop Gift card! 

Meet Me WednesdayS   is brought to you by Meet Me Concepts, LLC and all of our sponsors and volunteers. We welcome inquiries and comments.
Hope you enjoy!

Jannie Cox and Dave Syverson
Randy Accetta
Meet Me Concepts, LLC