Tannenbaum Newsletter
Happy Fall! It is here, time for raking leaves, hot apple cider, sweaters, and of course, time to get ready for the holidays. That's where we come in. We have what you need to get your home ready for fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We all know that fall is a popular time to come to Door County, but in case you can't make it this year, check out our website for all your holiday needs.
Happening in Door County this month.....
  • Sep 21 Speakeasy Casino Night Fundraiser, Maxwelton Braes Lodge, Baileys Harbor
  • Sep 22 Hey Hey 5k, Baileys Harbor
  • Sep 22 Autumnfest & Classic Car Show, Baileys Harbor
  • Sep 22 Fall Harvest Fest, Lautenbach's Orchard Market, Fish Creek
  • Sep 22 StinkFest, Wisconsin Cheese Masters, Egg Harbor
  • Sep 28-29 Sievers Gathering, Washington Island
  • Sep 29 Tannenbaum Book Signing Event & Open House with rep from Thymes Fragrances
  • Sep 29 The Epic Door County Treasure Hunt
  • Sep 29-30 Inside/Outside Sales, Fish Creek
  • Oct 5-7 Art, Craft and Amish Quilt Show, Jacksonport
  • Oct 6-7 Pumpkin Patch Festival, Egg Harbor
  • Oct 6-8 Fall Fun Fest & Cider Pressing Party, Washington Island Farm Museum
  • Oct 6-7 Townline Art Fair, Ephraim
  • Oct 6 Tannenbaum Open House & Book Signing Event with reps from Christopher Radko & Fontanini
  • Oct 6 Seaquist Orchards Apple Festival
  • Oct 12-14 Sister Bay Fall Fest
Happening at the Tannenbaum Holiday Shop this month....
We are having a book signing on September 29th. Come by and meet Sue Jarosh, the author of Eagle Bluff Lighthouse Mouse and Baileys Harbor Range Lights Rascal. Sue will be signing books from 11am-2pm.

Also joining us on September 29th is Kathy Schmidt from Thymes Fragrances. Kathy will be here from 11am-2pm to tell you all about the classic and new fragrances from Thymes like Frasier Fir, Simmered Cider and Peppermint Hot Cocoa.

Also, watch our Facebook page for another contest to win a gift certificate to the Tannenbaum Holiday Shop!

October 6th we will be having our largest open house of the year! We will have a book signing with Jan Rasmussen in addition to having representatives from Christopher Radko and Fontanini Nativities. There will also be drawings around the store and for those who are not able to join us in the store there will be another Facebook contest! Watch for more information in next month's newsletter.
Career and Hobby ornaments
Have you seen our large selection career and hobby ornaments? We have ornaments for your favorite teachers, doctors, hair stylists, nurses, and so many more. We also have a nice selection of hobby ornaments. Some of our more popular hobby items are fishing, golfing, bingo, and knitting. Check out the career and hobby ornaments today. 
Mark Robert's Fairies
We received this year’s Mark Roberts fairies. With their bright clothes and cheery faces these fairies are sure to bring a little holiday fun to your home this Christmas. We have over 30 styles. These fairies come in 3 different sizes. Pick out your favorite today!
Office Gifts
Every year we have a number of people looking for office gift, something they can buy in large quantities. We have gifts for every price point. For those looking for something between $40-$60, we suggest our Frykman exclusive, Door County’s Finest Santa , or you could pick out your favorite Christopher Radko ornament . If you are looking for something in the $20-40 range, you could select your favorite candle or one of the houses from our Ginger Cottages . If your budget is $20 or less, check out our Old World ornaments or pick up some of our Tannenbaum Holiday Shop coffee . Our coffee is under $5 which makes it nice to add to gift baskets as well. We pride ourselves on having the best selection of ornaments and gifts in Door County; however, as we get closer to Christmas quantities become more limited, so order yours today! If you are looking on our website for a larger quantity than we have listed, send us an email and we may be able to get it for you.
Santa Ornaments
We know we have a lot of Santa-loving customers, so this month we thought we would talk a little about our Santa ornaments. We have Santa in his traditional red suit and in his birthday suit. We have Santas in sleighs, boats, wagons, school buses, and on tractors. We have Santa cooking, surfing, and hanging out with his furry friends. With so many ornaments, it may be hard to just pick one.
Made in the USA
For those who are looking for a unique gift this year, come see our collection of Ginger Cottage houses. These wooden houses are laser cut in the United States. Each house has its own theme (e.g. Santa’s Workshop, Elf Academy, or the Nativity scene). Each house is filled with so many details that we wonder if you can find all 19 stockings in the Big Red Sock Stocking Company. Or can you find the telescope and compass in the Door County Lighthouse?
Candles - Beer Me
This year we are carrying a new line of candles by Beer Me. Started by a college student from Racine, Wisconsin. These candles are poured into recycled beer bottles and come in 5 different fragrances: IPA, Whiskey, Apple Ale, Cedar, and Firewood. While some of these fragrances are geared towards beer drinkers, many of the fragrances can be enjoyed by all.
Byers Choice Carolers - Fall
Did you know that September is Classical Music Month? Why not celebrate it with our Byers Choice Musical family. Dressed in soft green and brown, this family can easily be used for decorations year-round. The Man is holding a baritone. The Woman is carrying scrolls of music for the family. The boy is playing the guitar and the girl is playing the violin. This family is sure to bring joy to your family!
New England Village
Walton Green Church is a postcard picture perfect church for New England. Welcoming light is brightly emitted from the hand cut windows and metal rose window above the main door. A brass bell hangs from the steeple, ready to ring the call to Christmas Eve service. Sculpted bricks and hand painted shingles complete the charm. To complete your church scene is A New Beginning A New Beginning shows a young couple set over a bridge to symbolize the start of a new chapter. 
A rotating, lit beacon is the main feature of the animated West Haberdine Lighthouse . Light towers dotted the coast during the height of sea trade, protecting ships from the rugged shoreline. Classic horizontal stripes in holiday colors enhance the sculpted row boat, oars, curtains, and shutters. A large bin on the side holds enough wood to keep the fireplace going during a long winter night. This is a limited edition piece, so each lighthouse is hand-numbered. Finish off your lighthouse scene with In Before Dusk , a row boat carrying a loyal Dalmatian dog who is helping the fisherman find his way back to shore.
The New England Village Gate is a specially priced gate features 2 lit lanterns at the entrance. Door was designed to complement the architecture of this series. Logo type sign welcomes both residents & visitors to this charming place we know & love as New England Village.
Tannenbaum's Reading Corner....
With Sue Jarosh coming this month, we thought we would highlight her new book, Baileys Harbor Range Lights Rascal , in our reading corner. In this book, Willie and Charlie Larson find an injured crow they name “Rascal,” who follows the boys activities and becomes an important part of their adventures in Baileys Harbor.  This fictitious tale takes our readers back to the 1880’s in Baileys Harbor and is a fun adventure with a happy ending. The Baileys Harbor Range Lights are located at what is now known as The Ridges. It is a fun read for children and for lovers of Door County!
With fall weather, we see a return of so many of our friends to the store. We hope that if you are in the area, you will stop over, say "hi," and let us show you what all is new this year!

We'll be waiting for you!
Sue Ann and Ron Flittner
Tannenbaum Holiday Shop
11054 Highway 42 Sister Bay, WI 54234