November 29, 2018

Snapdragons & Petunias are just a few of the colorful options that we have freshly stocked to add to your winter garden & landscape.

Check out some of the varieties & color options we have currently available
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Topiary plants will add class and beauty to your home landscape. Use them in containers near the entrance to your home to wow your party guests, or plant them in the ground for a fascinating focal point.

We have Carolina Sapphire Topiaries in stock now (one, two, and three ball as well as spirals)
Our Christmas Cottage is packed full of one-of-a-kind gift ideas and decor!
Come explore unique holiday tableware, holiday scented candles, custom made holiday wreaths, delicious holiday candies and Christmas trees filled with colorful ornaments.

Our Cottage experts can help you put together the perfect gift this holiday season!
Bella Rouge (bottom left), Shi Shi Gashira (triplet in center top), October Magic Ruby (top right), Pink Perplexion (bottom right)
Compact Camellia Collection

Shi Shi Gashira is well known as a low growing camellia that works great for foundation plantings, but did you know there are other great dwarf camellias?

All four of these beauties can be maintained at 3-4 feet tall. Look forward to even more compact varieties that will begin to bloom in the next few weeks.

Have you stopped by to grab your bag of the best pecans you'll ever eat? Don't forget to grab a few bags for your family and friends too!

Delicious, nutritious Elliott pecan halves are prized by seasoned chefs and fanatic foodies for their robust sweet flavor, high oil content and delectable crunch. The oval shaped nut is a rare specialty pecan due to the fact that only select growers choose to harvest them.

Locally grown in Monticello, FL

Looking for another decorating idea or don’t have the room for a full size Christmas tree?

Not only is rosemary used as a Christmas tree, it is also a festive ornamental for the season. It is predominantly disease and pest resistant, aromatic, a culinary treasure, and responds beautifully to pruning to maintain the shape. Additionally, a rosemary tree for Christmas can be planted in the garden for the following holiday season while maintaining its role as an indispensable herb.
Grow your own!
We have a wonderful selection of winter veggies in stock:
Kale, Cabbage, Lettuce, Arugula,
Swiss Chard, Broccoli and Collards.

While supplies last - Sale runs Nov. 30 - Dec. 6
Live Christmas Trees make your holiday memories last for years as the plant grows larger and more beautiful season after season. Use a Live Christmas Tree instead of a cut tree, or add a live Christmas Tree to your existing decorations as an extra tree.

Click HERE to view a short video on Live Christmas trees
Santa will be making another stop at Tallahassee Nurseries on
December 1st from 3-5pm.
Come take your holiday photo with Santa & make sure you're on the nice list!

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