December 5-12, 2019
Living Christ in This World
BREAKFAST WITH SAINT NICHOLAS: Join us in the Great Hall on Sunday, at 11 AM for Breakfast with Saint Nicholas. Members of CSMSG Youth Ministry will serve breakfast, while attendees make crafts and hear the true story of St. Nicholas from the man himself. Remember to leave your shoe in the hallway outside the Great Hall to receive a special treat. Cost is $20 per family payable online or at the door. Please RSVP to .
December 8 ..... The Rev. Peter J. Speropulos
December 15 .... The Rev. Andrew J. Archie
December 22 .... The Rev. Stewart Clem
As of Tuesday, December 3, 2019 we have received 264 pledges for a total of $1,609,860. Forty-two pledges were new and, out of the 264 pledges, 120 pledges increased from last year. Each and every pledge makes a difference and we are grateful for any and all amounts! We want to be sure our records are correct, so please see the list of those who have made a pledge. If you have made a pledge and your name is missing, please contact Alexis Azar Posnanski at or 314.721.1502 ext. 4044. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PLEDGE!
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Adaire
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Akins
Mr. Tib Albach
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Albinson
The Rev. Thomas & 
Dr. Anna Albinson
Dr. Mark Alford & 
Dr. Mari Watanabe
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Altvater 
Ms. Beverly Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Anderson
Dr. & Mrs. Seth Anderson
Dr. & Mrs. Craig Anzilotti
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Aplington
The Rev. Andrew & 
Mrs. Daisy Archie
Ms. Sara Arn
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Arne Arneson
Mr. Peder Arneson
Mr. Nicholas Ayling
Mrs. Ann Babington
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Baker
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Baldwin
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Barnett
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Barrett
Ms. Gretchen Barry
Ms. Sandy Behrens
Dr. Walter Benoist
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Bickel
Ms. Kitty Bollinger
Ms. Laurie Bowman
Mr. & Mrs. David Breckenridge
Mr. Steve Breihan
Mr. & Mrs. Derek Bremer
Dr. & Mrs. David Brown
Mr. Dwyer Brown & 
Dr. Nancy Reynolds
Ms. Jeanie Bryant
Mr. Jack Burks
Mrs. Michelle Burks
Mr. & Mrs. Spencer Burke
Ms. Ann Burroughs
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Burroughs
Ms. Sue Butler
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Carswell
Mrs. Ann Case
Ms. Elizabeth Cawns
Dr. & Mrs. Will Chapman
Mr. & Mrs. Nick Clifford
Mr. James Craven & 
Ms. Katherine Harris
Mr. Baker Cunningham & 
Ms. Doris Drewry
Dr. Joseph Cusumano & 
Dr. Mary Ann Cook
Dr. & Mrs. Ralph Dacey
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Daiber
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Daniels
Mrs. Anne Davidson
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Dawson
Dr. Judith Walker De Felix
Ms. Marianna Deal
Mr. Patrick Deaton & 
Ms. Pamela Ross
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Demerath
Ms. Laureen Di Bisceglie
Mr. James Dodds
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Douglass
Dr. & Mrs. Ian Duncan
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Eichenberger
Mr. & Mrs. Marty Einig
Mr. Stephen Eisele & 
Mr. Ian Mackey
Mr. Edgar Ellermann
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Ellston
Mr. Phil Estep & 
Ms. Mary Carpenter
Ms. Ruth Ezell
Mrs. Nancy Ferriss
Ms. Midge Fischer
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Fischer
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fisher
Ms. Linda Flaherty
Mr. & Mrs. James Foley
Mrs. Carolyn Forsen
Mrs. Mary Forsythe
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Fort
Mr. & Mrs. Lucien Fouke, Jr.
Mr. Joseph Freund & 
Dr. Kristin Wheeler Freund 
Mr. & Mrs. Minot P. Fryer, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. James Gallagher
Ms. Nancy Gillespie
Mrs. Nicki Gillis
Dr. & Mrs. Todd Glass

Mrs. Joan Goodson
Mr. & Mrs. Lucas Gredell
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Greenlaw
Mr. Tom & Dr. Emily Guignon
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Hadlow
Dr. Ian & Dr. Andrea R. Hagemann
Mr. Peter Hall
The Honorable Jean Hamilton
Mr. Ken Harper
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Harper
Mr. & Mrs. David Hatfield
Mrs. Ann Hawken
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Hays
Mr. & Mrs. John Heil
Ms. Josette Hochman
Mr. Richard R. Hoffman, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Holbrook
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Holmes, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Horlacher
Dr. & Mrs. Eddy Hsueh
Ms. Jeannette Huey
Mrs. Doreen Hunter
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Hyers
Mrs. Gayle Jackson
Mr. & Mrs. Jan Jacobi
Mrs. Christy James
Mr. T. Frank James III 
Mr. Norm Jones & 
Ms. Barbara Fraser
Ms. Polly Jones
Ms. Norma Deen Juracsik
Ms. Nancy Kennedy
Mrs. Jane Klamer
Mrs. Charles Knight
Mrs. Peggy Kobusch
Mr. Ken Koonce & 
Mr. James Kennett
Dr. & Mrs. Nicholas Kouchoukos
Mr. & Mrs. John Koykka
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Kramer
Miss Kathy Krause
Ms. Laura Lambrix
Mr. Craig Palubiak & 
Ms. Barbara Landesman 
Mrs. Patricia Lane
Mrs. Toni Lee
Miss Sherry Leeds
Mr. Ralph Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Lilgendahl, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Likes
Dr. Yling Lin & Dr. Clare Ridley
Dr. & Mrs. James Littlefield
Mrs. Jane Luedde
Mr. Jeffrey Luker & 
Mr. Grasiano De Souza
Mr. & Mrs. John Peters MacCarthy
Ms. Barbara Madison
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Makulec
Ms. Maggy Malcolm
Mrs. Sandra Manske
Dr. Jay & Dr. Sue Marshall
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Martens
Mr. Andy Martin & Mr. Barry Kirk
Ms. Sarah Martin
Mrs. Judy McCaffrey
Mrs. Virginia McCann
Mr. & Mrs. Guy McClellan
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick McCoy
Mrs. Linda McCoy
Mr. Brian McDonald & 
Ms. Elizabeth Wehrle
Dr. Marjorie McFarland
Mr. & Mrs. James McGrath
Mr. James McGregor II
Mr. Jack C. Miller
Mr. Jeff Miller, Jr. & 
Mrs. Abby Castle
Mr. & Mrs. Jason Mills
Ms. Ann Muehlmann
Mr. Jerry Mueller
Dr. John & Dr. Stephanie 
Hammer Nash
Mrs. Judith Neely
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Niemann
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Nelson
Dr. Johanna Nicholas
Mr. Wayne Norwood
Dr. & Mrs. Henry Ollinger
Mr. & Mrs. David Ott
Mr. Martin Ott
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Panke
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Panke
Mrs. Janet Peterson
Mr. Robert Phillips & Mrs. Angela 
Mrs. Lee Pommer
Mrs. Alexis Posnanski

Mr. Paul Powell &
Mrs. Janet Jorgenson
Mrs. Patricia O. Pruett
Mr. & Mrs. H. Shelby Pruett
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Ray
Dr. & Mrs. Zachary Ray
Mr. & Mrs. James Redington
Ms. Carolyn Rhett
Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Rice
The Rev. John Rick III
Mr. & Mrs. Al Roney
Mr. & Mrs. John Rowe
Mrs. Marjory Russell
Mrs. Edward Salmon, Jr.
Mr. Michael Salsich & 
Ms. Nancy Donohoo
Ms. Jan Sample
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Sanders
Ms. Carol Schlueter
Mr. & Mrs. Bevis Schock
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Sewell
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sheehan
Mr. Lew Shepley
Mr. Steve Shepley
Mr. & Mrs. James Sherby
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sherwood
Mr. & Mrs. Robert O. Sherwood
Mrs. Jackie Shillington
Mr. & Mrs. John Simanowitz 
Mrs. Caryl Simon
Mr. John William Simon
Mr. Michael Sims
Mrs. Sudie Shinkle 
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Sked
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Smith
Mr. Peter & Dr. Nancy Smith
Ms. Rhonda Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Smith
Mrs. Eve Spencer
Dr. & Mrs. Jamie Spencer
Mr. Michael & Dr. Nofa Spencer
The Rev. Peter Speropulos & 
Mrs. Jess Speropulos
Mr. Bruce Springer & 
Ms. Patsy West
Mr. & Mrs. William Springer
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Stanton
Mr. Kevin & Dr. Kate Stenson
Mr. & Mrs. William Stieglitz
Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Stonner
Dr. Eric & Dr. Marya Strand
Mrs. Mary S. Strassner 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Streett
Mrs. Georgia Streett
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Strelinger
Mr. & Mrs. G. Carroll Stribling
Mrs. Anne Stupp
Mrs. Jeanette Sturgis
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Sullins
Mrs. Marjorie Sundfors
Mr. & Mrs. John Sutherland
Mrs. Liz Teasdale
Mr. Jim Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Thomsen
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Throdahl
Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Tipton
Mrs. Clarence M. Turley
Mr. Terry Turner
Mr. & Mrs. John Tyler
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Valier
Mr. & Mrs. John 
Van Landingham, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. William Van Luven
Mr. & Mrs. James von der Heydt
Mrs. June von Weise
Mr. & Mrs. Marc Vorih
Mrs. Sandra Vuitel
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Wallace
Mr. & Mrs. John Wallace
Mr. & Mrs. Max Wastler
Mrs. Carol Wells
Mrs. Alison Wiedle
Mr. Steven Wilhelm
Mr. Dennis Wilson
Mr. Leon Wilson
Mr. Clarkson Carpenter & 
Ms. Rita Winters
Ms. Eleanor Withers
Mrs. Barbara Wohltman
Dr. Michael & Dr. Soraya Wolverson
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Woods
Miss Gina Wright
Mr. William Wulfing
Mr. Gordon Yoder
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Zaccarello
Mr. & Mrs. Todd Zimmerman

Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols
Sunday, December 15
 5:00 PM followed by a reception

Eve of the Nativity
Tuesday, December 24
4:00 PM Nativity Pageant and Holy Eucharist
6:30 PM Choral Eucharist
10:30 PM Carol Service of Preparation and Praise
11:00 PM Festal Eucharist (Incense will be used)
Nursery provided for the 4:00 PM and 6:30 PM liturgies only

The Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ: Christmas Day
Wednesday, December 25
10:00 AM Choral Eucharist
(Nursery provided)

The Holy Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ
 Wednesday, January 1, 2020
10:00 AM Holy Eucharist
(Nursery provided)
From the parish survey: Did you know that almost half of the parishioners here at CSMSG have been worshipping here for under 20 years, and 20% for under 10 years? We are learning a lot about our parish from the survey. Thank you for participating. The results are posted in the main hall.
Did you know that the season of Advent anticipates the coming of Christ in three different aspects: in the flesh at Bethlehem, in our hearts daily, and in glory upon his return? This season offers us the opportunity to share in the ancient longing for the coming of the Messiah, and reminds us to be alert for his second coming.
The Church of St. Michael & St. George, The Sumner Alumni Association, and Better Family Life, Inc. recognized Sumner High School students at a ceremonial groundbreaking of their Peace Garden on November 13. The garden tools used were forged from donated guns. Read more

The Episcopal Diocese of Missouri elected the Rev. Deon K. Johnson as its 11th diocesan bishop at Christ Church Cathedral in St. Louis. He was elected on the first ballot during an election that involved 164 voting delegates. He received 71 votes from lay delegates and 42 votes from clergy. Read more
Please join Fr. Andrew Archie for Bible Study from 10:30 AM-11 AM in the Taylor Room. All are welcome!

BREAKFAST WITH SAINT NICHOLAS: Join us in the Great Hall on Sunday at 11 AM for Breakfast with Saint Nicholas. Members of CSMSG Youth Ministry serve breakfast, while attendees make crafts and hear the true story of St. Nicholas from the man himself. Remember to leave your shoe in the hallway outside the Great Hall to receive a special treat. Cost is $20 per family payable online or at the door. Please RSVP to .

DID YOU MISS THE BAZAAR ON DECEMBER 3? Come see the items that are still for sale this Sunday in the Library from 8:30-11 AM.

POINSETTIA SALE PICKUP: Pick up your orders in the Great Hall. Proceeds will benefit the Nicaraguan Ministry. 

FAITHFUL GENERATIONS ADULT SS CLASS: Meets weekly in the Library from 10:30-11 AM to discuss the book The Road Back to You by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile. All interested adults are invited to attend, even if you are not able to read the book. 

GREENERY SALE ONLINE CASH AND CARRY Missed the Annual Youth Ministry’s Greenery sale in the Great Hall during October? There will be a few “cash and carry” items available in the Great Hall on Sunday.

VISIT THE ADVENT GIVING TREE in the Great Hall and help a family in need this Christmas. Each ornament on the tree represents a gift that Helping Hand-Me-Downs may provide for a child or family. Take an ornament, purchase the item listed, return the unwrapped item, and place it under the tree in the Great Hall. Please return as many gifts as possible by Tuesday, December 10, so they may be offered at the Mom’s Shop on December 14 annual Mom’s Shop date. Items received after this date will be donated to the agency. The last day to donate an item is Tuesday, December 17.

NAME TAGS: Please wear your name tags. If you cannot find your name tag, please write your name on the clipboard in the Wydown Narthex. It will be waiting for you on the clipboard next week.
Monday, December 9
MONDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY: The Wisdom of Proverbs, Job, and Ecclesiastes. As someone who loves the Old Testament, Fr. Peter Speropulos is excited to explore its Wisdom Writings with the Women’s Bible Study. His hope is that studying these books will whet the appetite for scripture itself and will provide for a thoughtful godliness that has the steadiness of Proverbs, the resilience of Job, and the sharp realism of Ecclesiastes. In short, for a wisdom, to not only study, but to live by. Please join us on Mondays from 9-9:45 AM in the Armstrong Room!

Tuesday, December 10
10:30-11:30 AM: Bible Study, Sverdrup Room with Fr. Tom Albinson
11:30-12 PM: Eucharist, St. Mary’s Chapel
12-12:30 PM: Lunch: $8 with reservations to or 314.300.8858 no later than 3 PM today.
12:30-1:30 PM: Program: “Christmas Cards from Around the World” by Jim & Aleda Littlefield

STEAK & STORIES: Are You Ready for Some Baseball? Ed Wheatley, President of the St. Louis Browns Historical Society & Fan Club, will speak about the St Louis Browns from 6-8:00 PM in the Great Hall. Ed has worked to keep their history alive with the award-winning book: The St. Louis Browns – The Team Baseball Forgot , which led to two award-winning documentaries shown on PBS. Come hear the Browns story, relive the memories, and see the Fan Club’s collection of Browns memorabilia. Cost: $20. Please RSVP by Noon on Monday, December 9 to .

Wednesday, December 11
WONDERFUL WEDNESDAYS 5:30 PM Evening Prayer, 6 PM Dinner, 6:45 PM Class: Fr. Tom Albinson will be teaching: 20th Century Spiritual Guides for Today. 7:45 PM Compline. 

Thursday, December 12

BROTHERHOOD OF ST. ANDREW: The group will meet in the Sverdrup Room at 7 PM for its monthly meeting/discussion. This is a men’s Bible-based group dedicated to Prayer, Study and Service with a mission of bringing men to Jesus. From September 2019 - May 2020 we continue to go through the Bible in a “Story-Telling” manner. If you are interested in learning more, email Mike Bickel at .

Friday, December 13
7:00 AM: HOLY EUCHARIST (during Advent)

WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY will meet at 7:30 AM in the Library.

MEN'S ADVENT BIBLE STUDY will meet at 7:30 AM in the Sverdrup Room.
Sunday, December 15
Look for your poinsettia order form in the mail! Proceeds will benefit the Nicaraguan Ministry. 

FESTIVAL OF NINE LESSONS AND CAROLS: The traditional and much-beloved Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols, as we know it today, was adapted by The Very Reverend Eric Milner-White for use at King’s College Chapel, Cambridge on Christmas Eve 1918. In his words, ‘The main theme is the development of the loving purposes of God ...’ seen ‘through the windows and words of the Bible’. The Christmas story unfolds interspersed by seasonal carols as the story of the birth of the Christ Child is recounted through word and music. The center of the service is still found by those who ‘go in heart and mind’ and who consent to follow where the story leads. Please plan to join us for this very special liturgy. A reception will follow the service.

Thursday, December 19
THURSDAY MORNING PLAY GROUP: All parents of babies and toddlers are welcome to join this informal gathering on the first and third Thursday mornings monthly from 10:30-11:30 AM in the Armstrong Room at CSMSG. Parents can get out of the house, gather at church for an hour or so, share a cup of coffee and meet some new friends in the same stage of life! The next gathering will be Thursday, December 19. E-mail for more information. Register online.

Friday, March 6 - Saturday, March 7, 2020
WOMEN'S WEEKEND RETREAT:  The Rev. Susan Guthrie will lead us in retreat entitled; Dark Love: Meeting the Beloved at the Empty Tomb . Mary Magdalene comes to the tomb not expecting anything, but she leaves with everything. So it is with our own prayer - we come in darkness, but leave as apostles. With John 20:1-18, we look at Mary’s transformation as we contemplate our own encounter with the Beloved in the “dark love” deepening from contemplation to mystical union. 
The retreat begins at the Mercy Center on Friday at 5 PM and ends on Saturday afternoon. Brochures will be in the mail soon. Contact Laurie for more information at 314.721.1502 or .
More information about Suzanne can be found at . Mark your calendars. You won’t want to miss this retreat!
ADVENT GIVING TREE: Help a family in need by purchasing an item from our Advent Giving Tree in the Great Hall. Items will be donated to families served by "Helping Hand-Me-Downs". Gifts must be returned by December 17.
BREAKFAST WITH SAINT NICHOLAS: Join us in the Great Hall on Sunday, December 8, from 11 AM to 12:30 PM to hear the true story of St. Nicholas from the man himself. $20/ per family. RSVP at or via Realm.
NATIVITY PAGEANT: All Church School students are invited to dress as an angel, sheep, or shepherd and participate in the Nativity Pageant at 4 PM on Christmas Eve. Rehearsal is at 1:45 PM on Sunday, December 22. For details and to volunteer email Mary Beth Tipton at .
SUNDAY SCHOOL: No High School Sunday School this week – all high school students are invited to come and serve at the St. Nicholas Breakfast. 

GOSPEL PAGEANT: Interested in participating in this year’s Gospel Pageant at 4 PM on Christmas Eve? Speaking and non-speaking roles available! Contact Jess Speropulos,

GREENERY SALE ONLINE AND CASH AND CARRY: Missed the Annual Youth Ministry’s Greenery Sale in the Great Hall during October? Never fear! There will also be a few “cash and carry” items available in the Great Hall on Sunday.

YOUTH GROUP CHRISTMAS PARTY this Sunday, beginning at 6:30 PM, at the home of Peter and Jess Speropulos. We will have chili, a hot chocolate bar, and a viewing of Elf . Hope to see you there! Please email with any questions. 

YM BAKE SALE: Sunday, December 15 the Youth Ministry will host a Bake Sale with proceeds going toward scholarships for our Youth Ministry winter retreat as well as the Middle School and High School mission trips. Bake sale items (cakes, pies, cookies, etc…) needed. Please email Nancy Donohoo, , to sign up to bring items.

YOUTH GROUP from 6:30-8 PM each Sunday night. We begin our evenings with pizza in the Gym, then move to the Armstrong Room for games, Bible Study, and Compline. Please email j with any questions. 
THE ALTAR GUILD IS CURRENTLY RECRUITING new members! If you have ever been intrigued about what goes on “behind the scenes” of CSMSG liturgies, joining the Altar Guild is a perfect way to learn more! Volunteer responsibilities include serving Saturday and Sunday shifts once a month. Email Abby Castle at .

Select CSMSG to be your charitable donation on AmazonSmile. On your first visit to AmazonSmile at , select CSMSG as your charitable organization before you begin shopping. Amazon will remember your selection, and then every eligible purchase you make will result in a donation.

HUNGER MINISTRY DECEMBER MEAL-A-MONTH LIST: Bring Corned Beef Hash, Spinach, Pineapple Chunks, Martha White Bix Mix (needs only water), Dry Milk - optional. Place in closets to left of Taylor Room.

HUNGER MINISTRY CALENDAR SALE: Support the mission of the CSMSG Hunger Ministry and celebrate the St. Louis Cardinals all year long with the purchase of a St. Louis Cardinals 2020 calendar! This wall calendar features photographs, the 2020 schedule, and four pages of coupons from area retailers. Available just in time for Christmas giving! $15/each. Reserve your calendar(s) now by contacting Alison Wiedle at or 314.307.8300.

COOKIES NEEDED: We are accepting donations of home-baked cookies (no nuts, please) from any St. Michael & St. George bakers, for distribution to our shut-ins. Parishioners, please place cookies in a plastic bag and store in the freezer here at Church in the box marked “Church Service League Cookie Box.” Last day to drop off cookies is December 15. CSL and our shut-ins thank you.

Middle and High Schoolers, volunteer for two events with Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, or Parent Link, and your name will be added to the list given to CSMSG parents with young children. Contact either Mary Beth Tipton ( ) or Jess Speropulos ( ) to volunteer. Please e-mail Marty Chapman at to let her know you have volunteered, or for more information. Thank you!

ECM’S HOLIDAY GIFTS PROGRAM is underway, and we’re making plans for our annual Gift Wrapping Party: Monday, December 16, from 11 AM-1 PM, Emmanuel Episcopal Church, 9 S. Bompart Ave., Webster Groves, 63119. A soup lunch will be served. RSVP to: or call the office at 314.436.3545.
Many of your congregations have included ECM in your holiday outreach/giving – thank you! We’ll be happy to pick up items by Thursday, December 12. Please call or email us asap to make arrangements.
Does your child love to sing? If your child loves to sing and you would like him/her to learn more about their faith and the Church through music and being a part of the liturgy, then the Choristers of CSMSG is for you! All that is required is a love of music and commitment to the schedule. Join us at 4:30 PM in the Choir Room on Wednesdays. Contact Nick Bideler ( ) for more information.
You can donate online to your favorite ministry by texting on your cell phone. This feature is provided by Realm, the Church's data software. Download instructions .
Please review the CSMSG weekly
e-newsletter to keep abreast of our events. Visit our online calendar for event informatio n. 

A hearing loop for hearing aid and cochlear implant users has been installed in the main sanctuary. Loop listeners are available for those without a compatible hearing device. more  
Is there someone you haven't seen recently at Church? If you or someone you know is ill or hospitalized, please let us know how we can help. Please call us at 314.721.1502 or contact Debbie at or Laurie at .


Rest In Peace  

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