Join Save Guana Now on a beautiful 2-mile hike - led by our own Gary Coulliette. 

Come join master naturalist Gary Coulliette on one of his favorite hikes of Guana preserve. He's hiked miles of trails in Guana and is a former ranger, so this is sure to be special. On our hike, he'll fill us in on the flora and flauna surrounding us while also including historical and cultural highlights.

An easy hike, you'll be back by noon. A quick preview: "We'll walk along a wonderful canopy of old growth hardwoods, then stop at a freshwater marsh and the canopy gradually changes to a cover of large cedar trees along the Tolomato River. This is the site of the Juan Andreu - a Minorcan settlement.  There is a stone well and indigo plants which are decendents of the original indigo plants that were raised for making dye. We'll also see a beautiful salt water lagoon at that site."

Bring cameras and binoculars - and bring your family. This hike is for everyone! It's a great opportunity to make new friends in the community - people who share your love of nature and your desire to preserve 99 acres of conservation land at the Outpost. 

GTM charges $3 per car, and we're suggesting a $5 per adult contribution to Save Guana Now. (You'll get a bumper sticker like the spoonbill sticker above!) 

DATE:  Saturday, Nov. 19th      TIME:  10:00 a.m.

DIRECTIONS: Our meeting place is the trail head at GTMNERR on A1A. Head south on A1A from Ponte Vedra, and you'll see the signs that direct you to take a right to GTM. S top at the main gate and pay to enter by placing three dollars in the blue envelope and then tearing off the blue hanger for your mirror or dash. Drive straight across the dam and it dead ends at the trail head. Please reply to this email if you think you'll join us so we can give GTM an idea of how many are coming. 
As an important reminder, if you haven't already done so....

We're anticipating a hearing in early 2017, and we need to fight hard to keep Guana as pristine as it is now - with no habitat destruction or contamination of the lake from 77 proposed homes at the Outpost.  Please spread the word to those who cherish the natural beauty of Guana and the wildlife it protects.  

We hope to see you Saturday at 10 a.m.!!

  Nicole Crosby and Gary Coulliette
  Co-founders, Save Guana Now

" is some of the most beautiful real estate in northeast Florida, completely natural. Guana is exactly like it was two hundred years ago, heavily wooded with tremendous oaks, hickories, magnolias, and pines."

Herb Peyton (describing the 8,000-acre, heavily-wooded tract of Guana. Newboy, 1997.) 

View of shoreline of Outpost property, courtesy