I am reaching out to you regarding your baseball off season training.  Hopefully you have started to map out a winter workout routine.  We would like to be a part of that.  We have established some great programs here.  What I would like to start with is introducing you to our two man tunnel line drive league.  This is a wood bat league on Sundays starting again in January and February.  The December league had 21 teams and we are expanding the January league to 24 teams.   With this league we are going to play at 10am or 11am time spots on Sunday.  As a bonus, we are going to give you a chance to participate in a 30 minute session either before of after hitting for core workout training with our certified coach.

We are  almost full for January and we would like to have your commitment to participate.  Registrations on line are open by clicking here.
Thank you,

Joe Siwa
The Strike Zone
Call to register at 402-398-1238
You are receiving this email because you are hitting prospect for the Sunday two man high school line drive league.  We are excited about the 2018 monthly sessions. 
How The League Works:
As some of you are aware at how the league works.  You will compete on teams of two in an assigned tunnel. If you registered as an individual we will placed you with a partner.  Play takes about an hour of live BP from our staff along with a foot challenge drill and a weighted rope challenge after.
Score will be kept.  Once all innings are completed we will total up team points and assign a winner in each tunnel.  Individual totals are kept throughout the four weeks.

It's a great way to compete over the winter months and I look forward to throwing to you in the competition as well. 

Help us spread the word to other players you know would want to compete in the January and February sessions.  They can register on line at this link:
Other options this winter:  Click Below Fore More Information and Registration
Hitting with power
High School Ballistic Hitting Professionally Ran Bootcamp.  Ballistic hitting works. It's time for you to decide if you are ready to become a great hitter or if you want to continue to struggle at the plate and let someone else take your spot and steal your dreams.  That is why this program is backed by several Division 1 programs and and used in the MLB. 
 Players will learn proper technique in order to develop consistency in both contact and power, hitting to all fields while increasing bat speed and velocity.  Runs each month for once a week/for 4 weeks.

Do You Understand how to really throw? 
Velocity Development Program: The key to building baseball velocity is the understanding that throwing is a ballistic action. Throwing involves rapid, explosive movements, requiring specific types of training.
THROW NASTY PITCHES (ASAP) January 14 & January 21st
Breaking Ball Clinics:---Are You getting a head of batters and Having trouble finishing off?
Been working on your off-speed pitch but don't have the results you want?

Pitching Group Lessons: This class will cover all fundamental mechanics of throwing and pitching. Players will learn proper mechanics, grip technique and pitch velocity as well as mound work.  Runs each month for once a week/for 4 weeks.

Catching Group Lessons:Covers basics in footwork, throwing, blocking and framing through advanced techniques. Teaches the mental aspects of catching as well as how to work well with pitchers. Runs each month for once a week/for 4 weeks.
We have hundreds of players currently taking advantage of our open tunnels and batting cages working on improving their offense. Hitters are also utilizing our group and private lessons to perfect their approach by videotaping and analyzing their swings. There is a huge aspect that players are missing this off-season that will separate them from other players...defense!
We have an opportunity available to work on defense and to get you prepared for the season.

If you are already registered, Thanks.  The 8 PM class is full.  Our JV and Varsity 9-9:45 PM class has a few openings. 
I would love to see you in this.  
I just ran 5 Division I, Division II,and a couple JC players through our routine.  They loved the high intensity workout and so will you.
Come join Dustin and myself for these 8 sessions 
Jan-February and go into tryouts prepared and ready!

Opportunity:Defensive Work
Jan 10,17,24,31 Feb 7,14,21,28 from 9:00-9:45 P.M.
-Picks & tag plays
-Ground Balls(forehand, backhand, slow rollers)
-Double Plays
-Specific Position Play

Don't Forget Our Private Lessons To Get You Ready To Compete.

Anyone affiliated with Joe Siwa and the Strike Zone in Omaha is joining a well oiled/first class machine. With just walking in the door, you will quickly know that all your baseball needs will be met. This is the place I would go to get my training.
Buddy Biancalana-KC Royals
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