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 A Personal Note from Cheryl
Cheryl & Tracy with business coach, Fabienne

Well, today I am finally sitting still. After being away for a few days, I have now managed to unpack my little suitcase from my trip to Stamford, CT, where Tracy and I visited our Business Coach, Fabienne Fredrickson.  Among everything that we are learning from her, I am most pleased with her commitment to authenticity in all relationships.  Fabienne will only work with clients who do business authentically.

Fourteen years ago I started Holiday Pet Care (without any business experience whatsoever, by the way).  I knew about animals.  That was it!  My only focus was providing a standard of care for pets that I would be satisfied with.  That was it!  It is only now, through my work with Fabienne, that I am really understanding things from more of a business perspective.  This is good news!  Now I get it why you have all loved us so much over the years - it's our simple truth, we do what we know and we do it authentically.  For us going above and beyond is our standard.  For us, it's about loving your pets as though they were our own.  Your piece of  mind is important to us and I will continuing to ensure that we consciously and consistently give you, and your pets, the love that we know they deserve.

This past week I spent a few extra hours in the Centre (Diane was away spending a beautiful time with her family from Scotland).  It's been a few years since I've seen the Centre at 7 am and I'm going to be very honest with you, I'm not so much of a morning person.  While I am thrilled to have Diane back in the position that she loves and does so well, I will miss the delight of being greeted every day by the sea of wagging tails.  (They don't seem to mind 7 am so much.) It always amazes me how, even the shyest dog brightens up when they realize that I recognize them by name.  I make sure to spend a few moments with each of them, every time I arrive.  I get it.  I see why Diane was eager to get back to work! 

This Week's Holiday Pet Care Video:
An Inside Peek: Our Cagefree Facilities
Tour our Cagefree Boarding and Dog Daycare Centre 
Tour our Cagefree Boarding and Dog Daycare Centre

What does our place look like?
  Perhaps you've been wondering the same thing?  Well this week, we will answer that question.  We've decided to give you a tour of our facilities.  Regardless of where you are in the world, Welcome to Holiday Pet Care... come on inside.

Holiday Pet Care has an 'open door' policy when it comes to tours, and here we take it one step further.  Allow us to open the 'virtual' doors and show you around. 

We're proud of our Cagefree system, and invite you to take a look for yourself.  

I'll 'see' you in two weeks. Until then, take a moment to look at your pet (and your loved ones) and really SEE and appreciate exactly what is so special about them!

Have a fabulous weekend! 

 Cheryl Orletsky, DogGuru and Founder & Director of Holiday Pet Care


P.S. A great big Welcome to all the new readers who have joined our Holiday Pet Care Video Ezine since last time.  You're going to love the great content and fun we have, as we share our love of pets with you... Enjoy!


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Cagefree Boarding


So what exactly does cagefree boarding mean?  We often get asked that.  Because there are so many versions of cagefree and caged boarding out there, read on to better understand what cagefree boarding is all about.   


Dogs are social creatures! Social-style boarding caters to their needs.  

For us, cagefree is actually cagefree!  It means that the dogs that are with us, are also with people and other dogs, 24 hours a day.  Attendants stay in the room with the dogs all through the night.  We have beds and blankets and TV in the rooms.  The lights are dimmed and everyone snuggles on the bed (with the Overnight Staff in the middle of it all).  Some pups may prefer to find their own individual fluffy dog bed to have all to themselves, and that's okay too!  Regardless, all the dogs stay together in the playroom... it's one big slumber party!


What do you get by having your dog stay in a social-style cagefree setting?  Quite simply, you get peace of mind!  You get the satisfaction of knowing that your dog is free to be - to move around and play when they choose to, and to rest when they decide to.   


You get the satisfaction of knowing that your dog will get to be a dog, in all the ways that is important to them - time outside, time with friends, love and attention, and a snuggly warm place to sleep (without being locked away).  They'll even get brushed daily, too!   


We'd like you to try our style of boarding. We're confident that once you and your dog experience cagefree boarding, you'll understand that your time away is not only a holiday for you, it a holiday for your dog too!


If you have never tried boarding with us, please inquire about our offer of one free night (with a minimum booking of three nights boarding).  Coupon code WS2009    


Client Spotlight  

My dog Bailey, who is now 8 years old, has been spending weekends and holidays at Holiday Pet Care for a couple years now. 
Holiday Pet Care came as a recommendation from my sister-in-law.  After a very professional and thorough Meet and Greet and Tour, Bailey has spent many nights at the facility.   
Holiday Pet Care offers 24 hour, cagefree care
for your dog.  The staff is always friendly and professional.   
Bailey suffers from seizures and requires medication twice a day.  Holiday Pet Care places a special coloured collar on Bailey to ensure all staff are aware of his needs. After you pick up your dog, Holiday Pet Care will provide you with a cute "report card" summarizing your pet's stay. 

The staff of Holiday Pet Care provides me with worry-free pet care while I am away.  They even provide Bailey with some quiet time during the day :o)  Thank-you Holiday Pet Care.

- Mary Catherine -


This Week's Holiday Pet Care Video 
An Inside Peek: Our Cagefree Boarding and Dog Daycare Facility      


You ask for it, you get it!  Take a tour from anywhere in the world.  We're very proud of our Cagefree system of care for pets, so this week we show you what it all looks like.    


CLICK to PLAY the video below and come along as we take you for a tour inside our cagefree boarding and daycare centre.  


Tour our Cagefree Boarding and Dog Daycare Centre
Tour our Cagefree Boarding and Dog Daycare Centre



Stay tuned!  Even more furry-footage to come, in our next Ezine in two weeks.   


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Pro Pet Care 101 - Basic Training to Work in the Pet Care Industry

Sunday, February 26, 2012

PawsWay, Toronto, Ontario (Harbourfront Centre)

Instructor:  Cheryl, the DogGuru (Founder/Director of HPC)   

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