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Protecting nature for future generations
Grant's Woods
The tale of two forests
By Mark Bisset
A group of Grade 6 students visited with us recently to explore two forests. One, the Grant's Woods Nature Reserve, and the other, a Simcoe County Forest Tract.

Together we discussed the differences and commonalities between the two. One thing that came up was the dirt. After all, you can tell a lot about a place with a handful of the stuff.
American Lady and Candy-striped Leafhopper. Photos: Susan Blayney. Aphrodite Fritilliary. Photo: Ginny Moore.
Upcoming Passport to Nature Events:

An Intro to the World of Moths with Candice Talbot in Carden on the 11th is open for registration. Learn more and register.

Music in Grant's Woods on the 25th with AfterGlow. Learn more and register.

Pollinators in Action! This event takes place at an Easement near Coldwater on the 8th. Learn more and register.

Rock, Dirt, Glaciers & Grikes on the 16th with John Ford at Wolf Run Alvar in Carden. Learn more and register.
Thank you to our program sponsors and event sponsors who support this program and make it FREE for you to attend!

Supporter Spotlight:
Paul Middaugh
Every positive step helps.

A statement and sentiment that Paul repeated a number of times while we chatted about local conservation efforts, why he is a member and volunteer, and the state of the environmental movement across the world.
Volunteer efforts making a difference
Many eyes allow for the coverage of a lot of ground. And when that ground is about 4,000 acres in size, the more eyes the better!

Such is the invasive plants program that occurs on the Carden Plain, especially within the boundaries of Carden Alvar Provincial Park.

Volunteers are trained and deployed through the Couchiching Conservancy Land trust, and their discoveries are tabulated and mapped in their office to assist with field management.

One Way You Can Help This Month:

It's a perfect time to get outdoors to explore the beautiful natural places in our region. Will you take a friend or family member to one of the Conservancy properties and talk about why you support local conservation efforts?

If you do, let us know where you went!

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes!

As with any other landowner in Ontario we are subject to certain taxes. However, these fees can be avoided on conservation lands with an application to the Conservation Land Tax Incentive Program.

Although these applications can leave our administrative assistant's head spinning, our new citizen science program is helping make the process much easier.
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