May 4, 2016 |

Come to a Special Event Next Week!
We've put together a special Texas Law Shield gun owners' event at The Redneck Country Club in Stafford on Tuesday, May 10. Come to this fun venue to hear our lawyers and other speakers talk about changes in Texas gun laws and how those changes affect you. Click the logo to the right for more details!
Are You Armed - But Uneducated About Gun Laws?
Then it's time to get informed with the 2016 Edition of Texas Gun Law: Armed and Educated, a must-read for any Texan who owns a gun. The authors have skillfully cut through the state's legalese and produced a format that is easy for the armed citizen to utilize and understand. Click to see what folks are saying about Texas Gun Law: Armed and Educated...
Is the Use of Pepper Spray Legal in Texas?
In the accompanying video, Emily Taylor, a Texas Law Shield Independent Program Attorney, covers the details of legal pepper-spray use in the state. Discussed: Criminal and civil liability for using pepper spray, whether special licenses or permits are required to possess or use pepper spray, and other important topics:
President's Message May 2016
Click to read a personal message from Kirk W. Evans, President of Texas and U.S. Law Shield, as he updates members on progress the Law Shield community has seen this year.
You Be the Judge: Does 'LTC' Mean License to Chase?
An individual with a License to Carry chased after a group of thieves in Texas and ended up opening fire on the thieves' stolen van. We asked our members: "Do you think giving chase and engaging the fleeing thieves was a good idea by the LTC holder, or a misfire?" Click to read a legal analysis:
Road Rage: A Primer for Texas Firearms Owners
If you keep a firearm in your automobile, losing your temper while driving can put you a risk of arrest even if you have done nothing illegal. Click to see why keeping your cool why carrying in a vehicle is so vital:
Q&A with an Independent Program Attorney
Click to read several Texas Law Shield members' questions - and the answers - compiled by Weston Ray, an Independent Program Attorney and attorney at the law firm of Walker & Byington:
Texas Law Shield Supports the Thin Blue Line
Law-enforcement officials deserve the utmost respect - and if the situation ever arises, protection. While it may be tempting to jump to the aid of a police officer, it may not always be allowed by law. Click to see why:
Show You Are 2A Proud
This limited-edition Mason The Bear bobblehead is great for your office desk, as a gift, or as a collectible item. Every time you see Mason, you will be reminded not to leave the house without carrying your gun. Click on Mason's picture to see the offer details, and use promo code "MEMBER" at checkout to get a $5 member discount.