Get a Free 10X Growth Con Ticket
. Today I am launching the 20 on 20 deal. 20 exclusive 1 on 1 coaching packages with 20 tickets to come to the 10x Growth Con with me and my team included.

My average client sees a 30% increase in income, a guaranteed increase in savings rate, and secures 8-10% fixed annual returns on their investments within the 1st 90 days of Wealth Coaching with me.
Here is what you will get:
• 1 on 1 Wealth Coaching: $2000
• WealthX Formula Online Financial Tool: $4800
• Initial Launch Consultation: $295
• Monthly Coaching Call: $1200
• Cardone University: $19,815
• Leadership Training: $995
• Pick Your Problem & Quick Fix Solutions: $995
• Intensive Bootcamps: $1095
• Motivational Courses: $995
• DISC Personality Assessment: $495
• Usage, Certification, and Watchdog Reports: $695
• Live Weekly Mastermind Call: $4800
• Live Monthly Mastermind & Networking Group: $600
• Private Facebook Group: $395
• 1 Ticket to the 10x Growth Con: $2495
Total Value: $40,675
This is all INCLUDED FREE with your coaching!
What’s your cost? $257/month!
The catch? You must watch 3 Cardone University videos per day, pass Cardone U test with an 80% or higher average score, show up on time for our coaching sessions, work hard, and listen .

Make 2018 Your Year of Success
Every year almost all of America sets a New Years Resolution. In fact, I can remember doing this all the way back when I was a little kid. I remember jotting down some goals in a journal before going to church with my parents and wondering if those goals were going to happen. Often, they didn’t. In reality I forgot about them within weeks and sometimes even days of writing them down. I have a plan to help you make 2018 your best year ever...

I Want To Be Your Coach
Jerry talks about the 3 main ingredients that are preventing you from achieving your goals in 2018. As a coaching client of Jerry's your goals will be clear and easy to focus on, you will be educated and held accountable, and you will build a power network of like minded people and opportunities.

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